EDUCATE News No.2 // Harvick Dominates Phoenix #NASCAR (3-4-14)


Kevin Harvick dominates Phoenix, for his 1st win at Stewart-Haas Racing. That’s about all that happened. But not quite. There was some bumping, some words exchanged, and a whole lot of Twitter activity. EDUCATE News breaks down Junior’s arrival to the Tweets, his spotter tweeting during the race and the hashtags that the losing drivers used – they shoulda used #FreakyFast too!

“It’s like if the #406 met SNL.” – Said no one ever.


10 Things We Learned From The Grammy’s Last Night


1) Jay-Z and Beyonce are the world’s most powerful couple. And we totally have to throw out or redefine the phrase, “Born with a silver spoon in your mouth.” Now that Blu Ivy drinks milk out of Jay’s gold Grammy.

2) Pharrell William’s needs a new, different hat. Something. Speaks really good French robot talk though.

3) Try dancing while you are at the Grammy’s, and you will get hosed on Twitter.


4) I like Lorde. You know you like Lorde. But apparently she is super emo and no one else was ever emo when they were 17. Oh yeah, and what you were doing when you were 17? I bet it wasn’t winning Grammy’s and more of popping zits and rewriting your AOL profile.

5) Metallica still rocks out super hard even with Chinese pianist Lang Lang.

6) Poor Kacey Musgraves had to follow up Kendrick and Imagine Dragons. Not a good idea. Is super hot. A very good idea.

7) Twitter is fantastic during awards shows.


– Hanson?

– Paul McCartney and Ringo Star?

– What’s left of NSYNC?

– Queen Latifah and Madonna?

– Steven Tyler and Lady Steven Tyler?

9) Chrissy Teigen owns life and Twitter, always.

10) Just Timberlake wasn’t at the Grammy’s because he was at every commercial that took place during the Grammy’s.

LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #18 // Live Tweeting Alone (12-15-13)


Green Bay Packers v Dallas CowboysAt the top of the episode, Nick is  just checking on the well-being of Adam as the Cowboys lost an absolutely devastating game to the Packers. After trying to figure out what is wrong in Dallas, they talk about the Colts and debate who would win in a head to head matchup right now if the Cowboys played the Colts. The guys also talk about the disappointing loss Friday night in College Basketball with the Cyclones beating our Hawks in Ames and how they still aren’t watching the NBA, yet. Wrapping things up Adam talks about taking the Power Rankings reigns as Nick was busy studying for finals, explains “Ed Wood” to young Nicholas James, and talk this week in television as well as their upcoming travel plans for the Holidays!


Adam is convinced that he controls the outcomes of games, just by watching them. Also, plans on watching “Breaking Bad” again at the start of the New Year – is no longer scared watching episodes before bed.

Nick hasn’t been up to much because he has had things thing called school going on. Also, has been watching a good show called “The Killing” – is still scared to watch “Breaking Bad” before bed.


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Throwback Thursday // 5th of December


Each Thursday we’re taking Instagram to the streets. And to this blog. Remembering the good ol’ days – cause if any good therapist will tell you, it’s best to live in the past.

photo (21)

Nick O.

Just over a year ago, the Oestreich family from Iowa drove down to see the Oestreich son in Texas. On the 18 hour drive from Iowa to Texas, there are numerous numerous things to see and do. One of them, apparently being break into The Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma. Please let me know if there are any words that shouldn’t be more intertwined in a sentence than “Family, Memorial and Break-In.” But yeah, that happened. Nothing like a quick felony charge pitstop on a family road trip. Go Sooners!


Adam O.

The model citizen of the family, didn’t have to break in this stadium to grab this picture. You wouldn’t of guessed it by looking at him, but young Adam got to sit in the sky boxes with the Gold Club Texas members for this Texas vs. Baylor game last year at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. Free food. Free drink. I can’t ever go back to a College Football game with the peasants. Treated like royalty at one of the richest schools in the country was definitely a treat. And a 100point shootout with no defense was pretty cool too.

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LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #16 // Well, You’re A Nerd (12-1-13)


52992d542f76e.preview-620What a great weekend to be a Hawkeye! Although the Hawks didn’t win the Battle 4 Atlantis Tournament, they competed. And the football team did beat the Huskers on Saturday earning a very impressive 8th win on the season. The guys also talk Thanksgiving happenings, the Dallas Cowboys and Colts victories, the difference between the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit as well as upcoming Christmas plans. They then wrap things up with Nick taking credit for Auburn’s back to back miracle wins and discuss why Twitter is the best, and worst.


Adam didn’t watch much football on Sunday, but did sleep through the first half of the Cowboys game on Thursday and caught the crazy end to the Iron Bowl. Also, is your new Oh’s Knows resident College Football expert after going 9-2 predicting the outcome of the Iowa Hawkeye football season.

Nick was traveling most of the weekend, so he didn’t catch much football – but he was stress free due to this Fantasy Football team not being playoff bound. Also, is your new Oh’s Knows resident Goat after going 5-7 predicting the outcome of the Iowa Hawkeye football season. Yikes.

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Best and Worst of the Weekend


NCAA Basketball: Battle4Atlantis Championship-Villanova vs IowaNicholas:

BEST // Hawks.

WORST // Coaching blunders late costing teams victories. Cough – Brady Hoke and Nick Saban.


BEST // Being an Iowa Hawkeye.

THE ABSOLUTE WORST // Paul Walker of Fast and Furious fame passes away in a car crash on Saturday. Thoughts with family and friends.


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LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #15 // Brother on Brother Crime (11-24-13)


5-apps-all-NBA-basketball-fans-need-on-their-phonesA somber opening, to this week’s podcast – as Nick defeats Adam in Fantasy Football this weekend, revenging his Championship lost last year and knocking Adam out of this years playoffs. The guys also discuss the poor play of the Colts (they can’t make this week’s Power Rankings can they?) as well as how it feels to be a Cowboys fan. Again. The Cowboys did win – but it didn’t feel like a win. The guys also talk about Iowa’s big win over the Wolverines then discuss the fact that the NBA season started without anyone really knowing, HAIM’s performance on Saturday Night Live and an idea for a 2014 Running Contest between the two, to see who runs more/farther. Wrapping things up Adam reveals his plan to become famous and  they talk about plans for Thanksgiving the the Brry Scurry!

Michigan v Iowa

Adam did lose to Nick in Fantasy Football, demanding numerous drinks bought to smooth things over come Christmas time. Also, didn’t feel overly excited about the Cowboy’s victory.

Nick did beat Adam in Fantasy Football, and is kind of sad about knocking the one Oestreich who had a chance to make the playoffs out – but not too sad. Also, is devastated by the play of the Colts.

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