Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball Predictions // Wins and Losses Pt. 3


Big Ten play begins tonight for the Hawks, as they play their final game in 2013 against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at home in Carver Hawkeye Arena. That brings us to Part 3 of our 4 piece season long Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball Predictions.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 3.37.21 PM

We thought we could squeeze it into 3 but we decided to bring you a four bagger instead. As of right now, surprise surprise, Adam is ahead of Nick in picking the Hawks season. Only by one game, but c’mon man a wins a win. Especially over your brother.

Nothing has been won yet, besides 11 games by the University of Iowa men’s basketball team. Nick’s record resembles that as he picked 11 of those games correctly – having no faith in the Hawks playing in the Big 10 vs ACC Tournament Challenge.Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 3.43.17 PM

And while 11 wins entering Big Ten play is far from a disappointment, it is really tough to forget how close those 2 losses were and coulda been, shoulda been wins. Plus to Iowa State?! Like kissing your sister. Good thing we don’t have one.

But moving right along. This is where things get good. The heart of the season. It’s time to put up or shut up. And while the Oh’s Knows predicting the final season record for the Hawkeyes, they most certainly didn’t see eye to eye in the Big Ten.

WinsLossesPt3One of us clearly feels differently about Wisconsin and Illinois than the other. But both brothers agree that playing Ohio State and Michigan State is going to be trouble.

You never know, especially with these Hawks this season. College basketball can get crazy. Half court shots, buzzer beaters, triple overtime games – we could go undefeated!

Well we aren’t that crazy. But here’s to hoping that the first half of Big Ten play goes better than Adam thinks it might..

On Iowa – Go Hawks!

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Greg-Oden-back-on-the-court.After the awkward elevator weather chat, the guys dive into the week that was in College Football – talking especially about the news of the Iowa Hawkeyes making the Outback Bowl. Speaking of the Hawkeyes, Nick went to go see the Hawks basketball team play against the Drake Bulldogs. After the college talk, they then move on to Professional Sports –  and some fantasy, talking about how the Colts continue to disappoint, Rob Gronkowski continues to get hurt and go over the chances of the Cowboys winning Monday night against the Bears. As the guys wrap things up they hit on all kinds of things like Greg Oden’s playing career, Zach Johnson beating Tiger Woods, “The Replacements” movie, global warming of all things and the USA World Cup Draw!


Adam plans on watching “Road House,” again, this coming week and still can’t figure out this Texas weather. Also, is pretty sure Nick told him that Iowa State wasn’t any good and that the Hawks would roll.

Nick is planning on watching “Skyfall” this week and is still probably trying to figure out a place to hide from the snow. Also, is pretty sure he told Adam that Iowa State wasn’t terrible, and pretty good, and that it would be a good game against the Hawks. But he’s not sure. Either way, be sure to check out the Hawks play the Cyclones this coming Friday the 13th!

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Iowa

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Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball Predictions // Wins and Losses Pt. 2


7933690-415x250The, let’s call it, first third of the Iowa Basketball season is in the books. And boy was it exciting! Well at least the last half of it was. Confused yet?

Quick review. The Hawks started out the season 5 and 0 to cupcakes like UNC Wilmington and Maryland-Eastern Shore, to name a few. Then they took off to the Bahamas to play in the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament. Things went basically as expected. Almost.

With an exciting opening round overtime victory over Xavier, the Hawks routed UTEP and were poised for what everyone hoped to be a decent matchup and not total bloodbath against Andrew Wiggins and the Kansas Jayhawks. That is until Villanova decided they wanted to play the Hawks in the Championship, beating the Jayhawks in the 2nd round and going on to become your overall tournament champion beating the Hawks in a very exciting overtime match.

So through 8 games – Adam and Nick were spot on predicting the season correctly thus far, 7 wins and 1 loss. Not only does it feel good to be perfect. It feels good to compete again. Oh sorry Nick, I was talking about the Hawks.


For those of you who didn’t follow us following the Hawkeyes football season. Nick was a little off his game this year and finished an embarrassing 5-7. Ouch. While Adam surprisingly picked 9 out of 12 games correctly, becoming your first ever Oh’s Knows Resident College Football Expert!

Please no flash photography.

But this isn’t football! This is basketball. And things get good tomorrow night as the Hawks take on ACC and Catholic opponent Notre Dame in which is sure to make for good television. No need to adjust your television set, there will be a lot of white guys out there.

After the Big Ten/ACC Tournament Challenge, the Hawks wrap up their non-conference schedule with in state rivals Iowa State and Drake as well as two other schools whose names are too long to type out.


Things are going to get interesting. Maybe not here in Part Two, but eventually. Adam and Nick don’t disagree on a lot, but one does believe Iowa has what it takes to beat the Fighting Irish. And he’s been right a lot more this year than the other guy – for those keeping score at home.

The moral of the story, it’s great to be an Iowa Hawkeye. And with basketball relevant again, I can’t wait to get back home so I can watch my mom yell at the radio when Kliff Kingsbury.. err – Zach McCabe misses a wide open three ball from the corner.

Go Hawks!

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Best and Worst of the Weekend


NCAA Basketball: Battle4Atlantis Championship-Villanova vs IowaNicholas:

BEST // Hawks.

WORST // Coaching blunders late costing teams victories. Cough – Brady Hoke and Nick Saban.


BEST // Being an Iowa Hawkeye.

THE ABSOLUTE WORST // Paul Walker of Fast and Furious fame passes away in a car crash on Saturday. Thoughts with family and friends.


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Best and Worst of the Weekend



BEST // Former Iowa High School prep, Marcus Paige, drops 32 in UNC’s upset victory overr #3 Louisville.

WORST // The Indianapolis Colts. Unforgivable.


BEST // HAIM performing on Saturday Night Live a few hours after the Hawkeyes beat the Wolverines in Football.

WORST // No NASCAR. And a devastating blow to Fantasy Football, freshly served by my brother. 

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Best and Worst of the Weekend



BEST // Iowa Hawkeyes double up, wins in Basketball Friday night and Football on Saturday. In heaven there is no beer.

WORST // Colts lose 38-8 to the 3-6 St. Louis Rams at home. Probably! – moving them out of the Top 5 in the Oh’s Knows Power Rankings.

photo (20)Adam:

BEST // Hawks basketball wins Friday night. Celtics beat the Heat on the night after the Hawks beat Purdue in football on Saturday. Fingers crossed Fantasy Football win on Sunday, followed by a Kevin Harvick #NASCAR victory and Budweiser bath after Carl Edwards runs out of gas. Capped by a Dallas Cowboys.. 

WORST // No worst. Possible best weekend ever. Let’s see how Monday morning goes before we call it..

Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball Predictions // Wins and Losses Pt. 1


IOWA MEN'S BASKETBALL MEDIA DAYFootball season is starting to wind down. Well not quite – but basketball season is starting, and I didn’t know what else to say there.

Adam is dominating Nick in his season predictions for the Iowa Football team, 8-1 as of today – with a not very confident pick in Northwestern beating Iowa, so he might as well be undefeated. Nick is doing terrible. He’s almost as bad as the Dallas Cowboys. Under .500 is never good.

Basketball is a new season though, new beginnings and new hope!

Since the season is almost three times as long, we won’t dedicate a pod to it. We won’t even dedicate a column to it. “Wait, what? This is basketball not baseball – the season isn’t that long!”

Settle down kids.

We’re breaking this up into a few parts. Atleast 3. Maybe 4. We’ll see if we have time.

The first third/quarter of the season is non-conference with a nice little treat of a tournament in the Bahamas.


Could be a good start Hawkeyes! A fairly decent non-conference schedule with the possibility of zero defeats.

Oh you are curious about that L on the 30th in the Bahamas. Ah yes – well if the Hawks make it to the championship game, they’d play a little team from Lawrence. That would be the Kansas Jayhawks. The #5 Nationally ranked Jayhawks with one Andrew “Riggin” for Wiggins.Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 6.51.19 PM

Let’s just hope we can keep it close. Like 20 points close.

All in all, the Oh’s Knows bros actually picked the season outcome almost exact! Same final record with 23 wins on the season. Wishful thinking? Perhaps.

They didn’t predict all the same Wins and Losses – but we will get to that later.

Here’s to a great season of basketball Hawks. After all, when the football team isn’t good – basketball always is. Maybe we should lose out the rest of the season..

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