Race for the Chase: Kevin Harvick // 3 Days ’til Daytona


Kevin Harvick — #4

  • Team: Stewart Haas Racing / Chevy
  • Wins In 2013: 4
  • Last Year Chase Result: 3rd
  • Kevin’s 2013 In A NutshellThe Pride of the Yankees (1942)

Lou Gehrig: Today, I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the Earth.

Why Kevin Harvick will not win the chase in 2014:nscs_kevin_harvick_budweiser.png.main

New team. New crew chief. No longer the top dog on his team. New crew chief. One of his best friend is his boss. Short temper. That about sums it up.

Why Kevin Harvick will win the chase in 2014:

Like Lou – no Kevin doesn’t have an extremely rare disease that will soon be named after him. Like Lou, Kevin will be considering himself the luckiest man on the face of the earth when he rolls off the line at Daytona. Why’s that? He’s no longer at RCR. He’s racing for his good pal Tony Stewart. I don’t think Kevin has any hatred towards Richard Childress, but it was pretty obviously that things weren’t working out there. Don’t get me wrong, things on the track were working out great. Kevin has finished 3rd in the Chase 3 times in the past 4 years. He had times was the best driver on the track. And at other times one of the biggest hot heads on the track. So things we working out at RCR for Kevin, but also were extremely irritating as seen by that awkward end of the year lecture he gave the bosses grand children. Now things are starting out fresh. And you know what? I think everyone, even in the Stewart Haas garage – are scared shitless. Harv is one of a few drivers who found a new home in 2014, but like most drivers, he wasn’t in the need of a new ride. A better team. A better crew chief. But he got one. He got all of the above. And who the hell knows what is going to happen! This is as good of a year as any for Happy to win it all. He’s been close in the past. In the very recent past. Now that he will indeed finally be Happy, the possibilities are endless the #29 — er, the #4 car. It’s going to take me a while to get use to seeing that. And now I have to buy a new hat. Damnit. Least he’s still got the Budweiser ride! And isn’t it going to look so pretty in Miami with that Chase trophy on top of it?

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Race for the Chase: Jeff Gordon // 7 Days ’til Daytona


Jeff Gordon — #24

  • Team: Hendrick Motorsports / Chevy
  • Wins In 2013: 1
  • Last Year Chase Result: 6th
  • Jeff’s 2013 In A Nutshell: The Best of Times (1986)

    Jack Dundee: You better watch it, Dr. Death. I’m pretty damn fast for a Caucasian.

Why Jeff Gordon will not win the chase in 2014:nscs_jeff_gordon.png.main

Jeff Gordon is 42 years old. Jeff Gordon is also the.. 4th wheel? (Pun Intended) 4th wheel on Hendricks Motorsports behind possibly the most talented youngan in NASCAR, the most popular driver in NASCAR, and arguably the greatest driver in all of NASCAR’s history. There’s no way Jeff can be getting the love, money, equipment, money and love that a Championship driver needs and deserves. Why do you think he had so many car “malfunctions” towards the end of the year last year? Once things started getting going, they magically came to a screeching halt. Weird. I’m not saying, but I’m basically saying.. the 1900’s are over Jeff. JUST BRING BACK THE RAINBOW WARRIORS CAR FOR ONE MORE RUN.

Why Jeff Gordon will win the chase in 2014:

I’ve been pretty rough on Jeffy my entire life. My brother loved him when were were growing up, so naturally, I despised him. A few years back we “accidentally” gave my Dad the wrong size Jeff Gordon shirt. It just so happened that it fit me like a glove. Now I wear my Jeff Gordon shirt what could be almost every other day but I will call it at least twice a week. I don’t know what the point of that story is, but it filled a few lines. I like Jeff now. I want to see him win. How could you not like this guy? Did you see the great Pepsi Max commercial? Listen, Jeff is old. We know that. But you know who else was old and won a Championship? Mr. Bobby Allison when he was 45. There’s absolutely still time for Jeff to win his 5th and final Championship! He said it this past week that he is ready for retirement – but not until he wins that 5th Championship. Like any other driver in NASCAR, he is a competitive guy, and there is no way it doesn’t just piss him right off seeing  Jimmie Johnson win Championship after Championship. Jeff still has it. I don’t think he ever lost it? He’s one of the greatest drivers of all-time. And I don’t think old age, new punk drivers or anyone else is going to keep him from winning one last Championship before he hangs it up.

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