What We Learned // College Football Week 14


The regular season has come to a close, but it certainly did not disappoint.  If you did anything but what football this weekend, you missed out.  From the early Friday Hawks game, to the late night Stanford game, there was something to watch for everyone.  And boy did we learn a lot:


  • College Football is Fantastic – In case you didn’t already know, college football is fantastic.  We had last second miracles and heartbreaks this week.  Coaches going for 2 and looking foolish in the process (Brady Hoke) to possibly the best Iron Bowl college football finish ever.  Rivalries are always great and it was no different, no matter if you were in the high and mighty SEC or the “lowly” Big 10.  Get ready for this weekend as conference championships are here and then the bowls.  If the past 2 weeks are any indication, you won’t want to miss them.Florida_State_Florida_Football.JPEG-0aad1_t607
  • A Non-SEC Final – You read that correctly.  We are on the verge of a non-SEC final for the first time in 7 years.  Heck, they’ve put 8 teams in the championship in that 7 year span (crazy I know).  Auburn pulled off a miracle for the second week in a row and if it wasn’t for Cade Foster and his inability to hit the broad side of a barn, Nick Saban would look like the ultimate goat here.  Oh how quickly things change.
  • NIU to the BCS – With Fresno St. losing in a shootout this past week, it left the non-AQ BCS spot to Northern Illinois.  A masterful season by Jordan Lynch and the Huskies has them in prime position to attempt to redeem themselves from last year’s BCS shellacking.  Just don’t mess up against Bowling Green.
  • The Hawks are Good – This is without a doubt a total homer post, but who cares.  The Hawks dominated the Cornhuskers, winning their first Heroes Trophy and locking up the 4th best record in the conference.  Say that was going to happen at the beginning of the year, I call you nuts.  Say that 4 weeks ago, I say no chance.  But Kirk just kept powering through and keeping this team focused.  It’s time to go bowling, hopefully Outback style.


Barney Stinson Legen-we hope you’re not lactose intolerant-dary Play of the Week:

Is this the most Legendary Play of the Week. Year? Or History of College Football? Too close to call I’d say. All I know is that this play nearly broke the internet and in my mind, may have been the greatest ending to a College Football game ever. Sorry Warren Holloway.

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Looking Ahead to the Lucky Number 13th Week of College Football


*100th career Oh’s Knows post.. Seems like it was just yesterday. Double lucky!

The end of the season always brings big time games to the plate… well unless you’re in the top 3.  On paper, Chattanooga, Alabama’s opponent, is 8-3.  Then you realize that yeah, that’s in the FCS.  Not good.  Florida St may be playing just as bad of a team, as 1-9 Idaho comes into town.  Looks like there will be plenty of time for another round of hangman on the Seminoles sidelines.  Ohio St. at least has a conference game so it’s not exactly their fault the Big 10 is awful with Indiana coming into town.  But alas, there are some decent games to keep you busy this weekend.  Here’s what to watch in week 13:


  • Michigan v. Iowa – Expect a nice brisk game this Saturday when the Wolverines make an appearance at Kinnick Stadium, where they’ve played fairly poorly in recent years.  It must have something to do with the pink locker room.  Nevertheless, both teams have something to prove this week, which should make for a good game.  The Hawks have a chance to go 8-4 this year and show that they’ve turned the corner from last year.  On the other hand, what does Michigan have left to prove you ask?  Oh yeah, just that they aren’t as terrible as they’ve looked in recent memory.  Good luck with that.  Go Hawks!
  • Minnesota v. Wisconsin – This could be the first time in umm ever, that both teams in this matchup are ranked.  The Golden Gophers would love nothing more than to crush the BCS dreams of the rival Badgers, while those pesky Badgers want to prove that the Gophers aren’t actually as good as the record shows.  Get ready for some good ole Big 10 football.-2230ac2713c34521
  • SEC Showdowns – Has there been a week this year that hasn’t had a fantastic SEC matchup.  This week we are lucky enough to get two.  It starts at 2:30, when A&M travels to Death Valley to take on LSU.  Both of these teams could have just as easily been perched atop the division right now, but are instead battling to stay relevant.  A loss for the Tigers would put them below .500, while an A&M loss would diminish the already slim chances for Johnny Football to get his 2nd Heisman.  The other newcomer from the Big 12, Missouri, travels to Mississippi to take on, umm, what’s Ole Miss’ mascot again?  Nevermind.  Its not important.  Anyways, Missouri needs to win out to take the division, whereas Ole Miss just wants to prove that they can contend with the top dogs of the SEC.
  • 7821206Arizona St v. UCLA – Big time Pac 12 South division (take notes Big 10; geography is key) implications.  Win and you’re in for the Sun Devils.  A loss, however, would set up a crazy three way scenario for rivalry week.  UCLA and USC both need the Bruins to win so that they can continue to keep those ever so slim chances of a Pac 12 title game afloat.
  • Baylor v. Oklahoma St – This could be it.  The Big 12 Championship could be determined this weekend.  Grab your popcorn and a Bud and get ready for the best game of the weekend.  The Bears travel to Stillwater to take on the Cowboys.  A Baylor win will continue to solidify their status in the BCS standings and, barring a setback against UT, would give them the conference crown.  Meanwhile, Oklahoma St. would also put the ball in their court (have basketball on my mind) for the conference title.

Oklahoma State v Baylor


Pretty much laid it out for you. Stay away from the top teams in the nation this week. Be cultured. Watch some other games you may not watch. Don’t care if you roll tide or like potatoes. Alabama v Chattanooga and Florida State v Idaho should have no place at the table. For anyone.

Watch this clip instead. Tell me you aren’t jacked up and didn’t cry a single tear. And I’ll show you a liar.

Oh – and always, always remember. “The NCAA will be testing on Saturday.”

What We Learned // College Football Week 11


Finally a shakeup in the BCS.  The Ducks were sent packing in the late edition of Thursday night football, after the Bears’ domination of OU.  Famous Jaemis lead his team to an easy victory and the #2 spot in the BCS polls.  Here’s what we learned this week.


  • Stanford’s One of the Best – Stanford put on a show for the home crowd and showed their worth one Thursday night, albeit a late rally by Oregon in the 4th made this one closer than it actually was.  They’ve now beaten five ranked opponents and one has to wonder if they could jump one of the unbeatens in the BCS rankings.  It might be hard for them, however, considering they lost to the lowly Utes of Utah.
  • Baylor Passes First Test – What was more impressive in this one?  The offense or defense?  While the O sputtered in their first couple of drives, the D contained the Sooners’ attack.  At the end of the 2nd quarter the offense finally turned it around and scored on 3 straight drives to basically put this one in the bag.  Up next are the slipping Red Raiders.1110_SPO_FOOTBALL_11-1024x711
  • Bowl Eligible – The Hawks became bowl eligible this weekend with a big win over the Boilermakers. Looking at the record (6-4), some may say this season has been kind of disappointing.  However, considering how close the games have been and the combined opponents’ record of our losses (32-3), I’d say it’s been a pretty good year for a young team.  “In Kirk We Trust!”
  • The Best Around – After that dominating performance over LSU can one even make a case that there is anyone better than the Bama.  Yes, if the Aggies had a defense they might have lost, but we can’t count that against them.  They’ve beaten every team on their schedule since and beaten them handily.  They have two weeks before they play another tough matchup; at Auburn. #RollTide



Because how often are you going to hear, “Muffs it.” And “Take it all the way,” in the same sentence? Gross.

What We Learned // College Football Week 10


Another day, another depressing Iowa loss.  Great defensive play was negated by horrendous offensive play.  Moving on past Iowa, this week was filled with blowouts and very few upsets as the Top 10 didn’t see much change.  Here’s what we learned:


  • MSU – Facing their toughest opponent remaining on their schedule, the Spartans came away with a huge rivalry game win, dominating the Wolverines and proving yet again that their defense isn’t a fluke.  A win over Nebraska in two weeks would almost surely set them up for a title game showdown against the Buckeyes
  • #2 is Up for Grabs – After Florida St. demolished MIami and knocking them from the ranks of the unbeaten, they moved into the #2 spot in the BCS standings.  How long that’ll last depends on Oregon’s next matchup.  As long as these two stay undefeated, it’s going to come down to the wire.526c92d90ca92.preview-300
  • NIU v. Fresno St. v. ND – One of these three teams will most likely sneak into a BCS bowl game, as Northern Illinois and Fresno St remained undefeated, while Navy almost upset the Notre Dame.  A matchip against Stanford can almost assuridly count out Notre Dame, while NIU might leap frog FSU, as they have a conference championship game.
  • Big 12 Title Race Thinning Out – After Oklahoma St knocked off Texas Tech the race for the title was trimmed down to 4.  Texas stayed undefeated in the conference with a win over Kansas, while Baylor and Oklahoma stayed undefeated because you can’t lose on a bye (crazy I know).  In the coming weeks, all 4 teams face off and will help determine who the title winner will be.


No brainer.

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Looking ahead to the 9th week of College Football


The first BCS standings were unleashed and as per usual, the talks of which undefeated team will be left out of the title game have begun.  Good news is that usually these things sort themselves out and 4 of the remaining undefeated teams face tough competition this week.  Oh and the Hawks play the Wildcats who’ve forgot how to win in the conference (not worthy of a what to watch needless to say):


  • TTU v. Oklahoma – Are the Red Raiders for real?  They’re undefeated, but now play the hardest part of their schedule.  A win in Norman would prove they’re worth.  The Sooners, on the other hand, are just wanting to stay in contention and prove that the their past two games were an anomaly and not how the rest of the season will look.
  • UCLA v. Oregonucla-vs-oregon-ncaa – Luckily for UCLA they’re in the weak south division, but dropping a second straight conference game would not bode well for them.  However, this week won’t be any easier as the closest any team has come to the Ducks is 3 TDs.  Good Luck!
  • South Carolina v. Mizzou – A team of destiny or a team of luck? The polls have loved what the Tigers have done the past two weeks.  They’re looking to end this 3 week gauntlet of SEC games with a win over South Carolina and prove they deserve the hype.  “The Old Ball Coach” said that Connor Shaw won’t be starting and Clowney hasn’t decided if he is free this Saturday so the Tigers could once again be playing a shorthanded team.
  • ohiostatePenn St v. Ohio St. – The battle of the Big Ten’s most corrupt programs face off in the ABC prime time game this week.  Ohio St spent three quarters letting the Hawks hang around, before finally deciding to seal the deal.  Penn St has a little more talent and the Buckeyes will need to play better this week if they want to hang on to those oh so slim title game aspirations.
  • Stanford v. Oregon St. – Oregon St. has quietly perched atop the division standings with in-state rival Oregon and ahead of this weeks foe in Standford.  All I can say Standford is that whether it was the first week of the year or not, you can’t loss to a team that lost to Eastern Washington!  Must be the reason why people still aren’t saying much about the Beavers.

Oh’s Knows’ The Steve Lattimer Game of the Weak:


Western Michigan has zero wins.

Massachusetts has one win. They beat Miami. Of Ohio.

Miami of Ohio has zero wins.

That’s only 1 win in 21 games.

Catch my drift.

I am sorry for dragging you into this Miami of Ohio. You have your own problems.

All I know about these two programs is that Iowa dropped a 59 burger on the Broncos earlier this season, including two pick sixes and two punt returns for touchdowns.

And the University of Massachusetts may still be under probation due to John Calipari. Oh wait that’s basketball.tumblr_lowvtqFM3v1qgj47l

There’s no place at our tables for this game at our house. And there shouldn’t be at your house.

They probably won’t be testing at this game on Saturday, cause not many people will be there..

But for everyone else, remember, “The NCAA will be testing on Saturday.”

1 for 21.

What we learned // College Football Week 4

It was a great week.  The Hawks not only bested the spread, but also completely crushed Western Michigan with two punt return and interceptions for TD’s.  Time will tell if they are getting our hopes and dreams up before crushing them, or if this team is for real.  Also, we are saying goodbye to non-conference cupcakes and saying hello to the reason we all love college football.

Here is what we learned in week 4:

  • The FCS really isn’t that good – Yes, the FCS will have their undefeated teams and the occasional upset over an FBS school once every blue moon, but these games just have to stop.  Instead of allowing FBS schools to pay the Florida A&M’s of the world, the NCAA should pay these schools to not play against them.  For one, it will save A&M from losing to Ohio State in an embarrassing fashion like Saturday, 76-0, and two, it will actually give us exciting games to watch in September.  All in favor?
  • PRESEASON PREDICTIONS weren’t far off – The top 14 teams in the polls didn’t move this week and everyone from the preseason top 10, minus South Carolina, is still holding strong.  With conference play FINALLY getting under way now, the real fun will begin.
  • NCAA Football: Boise State at Fresno StateFRESNO STATE controls their fate – A win over conference rival Boise State this past week all but sealed the Bulldogs’ fate as an undefeated team in the BCS.  Unless they trip up down the road unexpectedly or Notre Dame looks better than they have so far, we have our first BCS ticket punched.
  • CLEMSON avoided trouble – The Tigers went to Raleigh on Thursday night looking to avoid an upset; mission accomplished.  For once, the Tigers are actually living up to all the preseason hype.  Dabo Swinney just needs to make sure his boys don’t look to far down the road, as a matchup against the Seminoles looms in the near future.


We may be a bit bias around here – but even if we did closely watch any other football games, we and you might be hard pressed to find a better performance than Kevonte Martin-Manley.

Not only did he take the first punt return back to the house in 5 years for the Iowa Hawkeyes, but he decided the would make it a daily double and house two punts. Back to back. Not like, “Oh back to back in the same game – cool!” Like here let me return this one 83 yards, have my defense go back out and shut down the Broncos and let me take the very next punt back 63 yards for a tuddy. Dominant.

So for the first ever Barney Stinson Legendary Play of the Week, Kevonte Martin-Manley. Back to back Jack.

BCS Bowl Predictions // Winners and Losers


This week has been dedicated to College Football as Nick O. went over his Top 25 Preseason Ranks. (Part 1 & Part 2) As the season opener grows closer, you are quickly running out of time if you want to do hand out training camp grades or make meaningful postseason predictions that no one will remember 3 months from now. And that brings you to our BCS Bowl Predictions. The offseason has been full so many good story lines that even M. Night Shyamalan couldn’t ruin this flick. We bring you the BCS Bowl Predictions. // Winners in BOLDOhsKnows-RoseBowl

Officially the Rose Bowl Game presented by Vizio for sponsorship purposes

OREGON vs. MichiganOhsKnows-SugarBowl

Presently, its official title is the Allstate Sugar Bowl after its current sponsor.

Florida State vs. LOUISVILLEOhsKnows-OrangeBowl

The game is officially known as the Discover Orange Bowl

Clemson vs. TEXAS A&MOhsKnows-FiestaBowl

The Fiesta Bowl, now sponsored by Frito-Lay and named with their Tostitos brand

Texas vs. STANFORD


The BCS National Championship Game is the final bowl game of the annual Bowl Championship Series (BCS) and is intended by the organizers of the BCS to determine the U.S. national champion of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision.

ALABAMA (#1) vs. Ohio State (#2)