I Only Watch Documentaries, and Trash TV // Sound City


Most of the time I watch trash television. But not always. Because luckily, television is getting better. But a long time ago I made the proclamation that “I only watch Documentaries, and trash TV.” So today we bring you the first of many, documentary reviews. Cheers!


Sound-City-posterTITLE: Sound City

RUN TIME: 108 minutes

AVAILABLE ON: Amazon Prime


BACKSTORY: Sound City is a historic recording studio in Los Angeles that has featured some of the greatest musicians of all-time. Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Barry Manilow and Johnny Cash to name a few. Sound City tells the story of how the greatest recording studio ever rose to stardom, and then fell to grace when everything went digital. Although a story about music, it becomes a love story combined with the fact that some of the coolest people in the world are hanging out together (which at time blows your mind), creating great music and helping save a very important machine that has made some of the best music in the world. As told by Dave Grohl.

IT’S BETTER THAN: Shut Up and Play The Hits

BUT NOT BETTER THAN: Searching for Sugarman



Throwback Thursday // 24th of October


Each Thursday we’re taking Instagram to the streets. And to this blog. Remembering the good ol’ days – cause if any good therapist will tell you, it’s best to live in the past.

Nick O.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 4.52.47 PMYou haven’t lived until you’ve been to a Girl Talk concert. And you definitely haven’t lived, or almost died after 4 day long birthday bender followed up by a Monday night Girl Talk concert. Try not to wear too many clothes when you go. You will either sweat through them all or end up taking them off and throwing them around your head or someone may just rip them off of you. That all may or may not have happened at this particular show. But what did happen was glory. Toilet paper, confetti, balloons, beach balls. Ca’mon. Here we are preparing for the show. Jello shots and goofy glasses and all. One of these guys made it out the whole night even after the show. One did not. Guess which one?

Adam O.

IMG_1357With only 3 races left in the chase, after just finishing up at the biggest track on the Chase schedule lineup, and heading now to the smallest track. It seems fitting to throw in a NASCAR picture to the mix. We’ve only been to short track racing, which as a spectator might be the best way to go. Newton Motorspeedway in Iowa isn’t on the Sprint Cup schedule, yet. But one day you will see a Spring Cup race in Newton. Last year at Bristol was great. Especially when for the end of days every single pre-Bristol commercial for the Bristol Race will show Tony Stewart taking off his helmet and throwing it at Matt Kenseth’s car. Dominant. Not only were we there. But we were there. Like right there. Standing on the fence watching it all unfold. I will tell my kids this story over and over and over again until they can’t stand to hear it anymore. And then I will tell it to them again. Just for good measure. They may hate me. But hey, isn’t that what all high school kids are suppose to do at one point or another? If you ever get a chance to catch a NASCAR race at Bristol, or a Football game for that matter. Go. 160,000 people at the world’s largest amplitheater. Loud noises. Cold beer. Cars doing a buck 40 in circles for three hours at night. America.

After the toss.


ACL Festival // Day Three in Videos – Noah and the Whale pop-up show!


ACL Festival 2013 // Sunday October, 13th at Empire ATX

Noah and the Whale




ACL Festival // Day Two in Videos – HAIM, Grimes, Kendrick Lamar & more!


ACL Festival 2013 // Saturday October, 12th



Passion Pit

Kendrick Lamar

Kings of Leon


ACL Festival // Day One in Videos – Vampire Weekend, Kaskade and Muse


ACL Festival 2013 // Friday October, 11th

Vampire Weekend




LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #9 // Austin City Limits Recap (10-11/13-13)


IMG_5421The Oh’s Knows brothers recap their long, wet, loud, drunk and wildly successful weekend at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Late night recaps from each night going over the day that was, bands include but not limited to – Grimes, HAIM, Passion Pit, Kendrick Lamar, Noah and the Whale, Muse, Vampire Weekend, Kaskade and so much more!

Nick’s favorite show of the weekend was Noah and the Whale. Also enjoyed seeing Kendrick Lamar, got sunburnt and is already counting down the days until next years ACL Festival.

Adam’s favorite show of the weekend was HAIM. Also enjoyed seeing Grimes, wore a denim shirt as a turban and is already counting down the days until his retirement.

Stay tuned the rest of this week for more photos, videos and commentary recapping all things ACL!

Throwback Thursday // 10th of October – ACL Edition


Each Thursday we’re taking Instagram to the streets. And to this blog. Remembering the good ol’ days – cause if any good therapist will tell you, it’s best to live in the past.

IMG_1616Nick O.

Just like Rafiki said in the “Lion King” – It is time. The ACL Festival is here. Well, it’s been here actually. Nick’s fall break is here. Weekend one took place just a few days ago and weekend two is a day away and boy are we ready. This year, we actually are ready – we have 3 day passes. Barring we survive the first two days, we will be there all weekend. Like I’ve said before, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Good thing we’ve never run a marathon before. This picture here was taken on that third and final day last year, and what a glorious day it was. It’s worth mentioning that although we both look like goofs, Adam more so than me. I don’t always look like a goof. And it took a lot of courage and peer pressure by my bigger brother for me to wear his dumbass Coca-Cola polar bear shirt. Especially since he told the same joke over and over all day – “Hope the polar bears don’t melt, it’s a little too hot out here for them!” Ha. Good one. Somehow, someway he usually convinces me to wear some goofy clothes to all the shows we go to. Who knows what I’ll be wearing this year. We’ll just have to wait and see what dumbass clothes he has this time.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.02.04 AMAdam O.

The reason we are wearing Longhorns shirts, (sorry Mom) and the reason we are wearing such big grins is because this was the Saturday of ACL last year. It was going to be our first day at the ACL festival. We were to go watch the Red River shootout downtown, then take in all that was the ACL festival. Notice how I keep say was, and were? This WAS a beautiful morning waking up to a nice cool class of home-brew sangria at 10am before heading down to ACL only to get turned away due to a “fake” ticket bought on Craigslist by Gavin. You better hope I don’t see you at the hamburger stand this year bud. Did I mention after we got turned away we had to walk 2 miles back to the car in the pouring rain? Yeah. That happened. All is well though – that will not be happening this year. Oh we are going to get wet, forecast isn’t looking too hot. But we are getting turned away this year folks. The beer and wine will be flowing and we will be glowing (?) with happiness all 3 days at ACL this year. No Longhorns shirts this year. Promise.