Phillip Seymour Hoffman — Thank you for Twister. RIP.


Back in the 1900’s. The Oestreich family had a VCR and about a dozen videos. About half of those were family videos. The others? Independence Day. Classic. The Flintstones with John Goodman, Rick Moranis, Rosie O’Donnell. Classic. Mr. Nanny with Hulk freaking Hogan. Classic. A sports bloopers clip that never got old. And Twister. Between 1995 and 2001 – Nick and Adam Oestreich watched these movies, on repeat, at least 5,000 times. It shaped our childhood.

Will Smith in Independence Day, Goodman in Flintstones, Hulk in Mr Nanny and Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Dusty in Twister. Those were the guys we, my brother and myself as two young kids looking to imitate anyone and everyone, those were the guys we looked up to.

“LOOOOOOOOSER” Dusty shouted at Jonas after he broke their stupid window. The stories he told to Bill Paxton’s fiancée about “The Suckzone” and about wild Bill at the cafe to Helen Hunt and the crew. When Dusty flips on Child in Time by Deep Purple and shouts, “It’s the wonder of NATURE baby.” and just his overall care free way of life.  Phillip Seymour Hoffman nailed it as Dusty. When Twister comes on today, or yesterday, or tomorrow or in another year or two. You know I will watch Twister just to, and now especially to see Phillip Seymour Hoffman play Dusty.

I am sorry to inform you Mr. Hoffman that I didn’t really know who you were at the time Twister came out (I was 7), or even up until a few years ago when you won your Oscar for Capote in 2005 (I was 17). But thank you for Twister. You got me in trouble numerous times with my parents for yelling “LOOOOOOOOOOSER” to my brother a lot. And you helped me somehow I am sure, survive and shape my love for bad movies – turning that love for a passion to watch good movies. I’m not sure what I am trying to say. But I do know that Dusty shaped me, comedically (maybe) somehow, some way. I don’t know for sure, but I guarantee at least 3 to 17 times I acted like Dusty as an 11 year old. I don’t really think of Dusty as much as I do Ace Ventura, or Farley as the Beverly Hills Ninja looking back at my childhood. But as I watch clips of Dusty in Twister, it takes me back to the good ole days of watching Twister over and over again. And it never gets old.

It was a pretty big bummer to hear that Phillip Seymour Hoffman passed today. Obviously in the world we live in today we forget that actors/athletes/celebrities are people just like you and I. They have families and lives and problems too. Everyone will have their favorite memories of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I’m sure not a lot will be of Dusty. But mine is of Dusty. Especially as Dusty. So thanks again for Twister Mr. Hoffman. I can’t wait for it to come on cable television again tomorrow, or next week or in a few years. Rest in Peace sir, our thoughts with you and your family.


10 Things We Learned From The Grammy’s Last Night


1) Jay-Z and Beyonce are the world’s most powerful couple. And we totally have to throw out or redefine the phrase, “Born with a silver spoon in your mouth.” Now that Blu Ivy drinks milk out of Jay’s gold Grammy.

2) Pharrell William’s needs a new, different hat. Something. Speaks really good French robot talk though.

3) Try dancing while you are at the Grammy’s, and you will get hosed on Twitter.


4) I like Lorde. You know you like Lorde. But apparently she is super emo and no one else was ever emo when they were 17. Oh yeah, and what you were doing when you were 17? I bet it wasn’t winning Grammy’s and more of popping zits and rewriting your AOL profile.

5) Metallica still rocks out super hard even with Chinese pianist Lang Lang.

6) Poor Kacey Musgraves had to follow up Kendrick and Imagine Dragons. Not a good idea. Is super hot. A very good idea.

7) Twitter is fantastic during awards shows.


– Hanson?

– Paul McCartney and Ringo Star?

– What’s left of NSYNC?

– Queen Latifah and Madonna?

– Steven Tyler and Lady Steven Tyler?

9) Chrissy Teigen owns life and Twitter, always.

10) Just Timberlake wasn’t at the Grammy’s because he was at every commercial that took place during the Grammy’s.

Best and Worst of the Weekend



BEST // Michigan State beats Ohio State to win Big 10 Championship and play in Rose Bowl for first time in 25 years.

WORST // USA’s Wold Cup Draw – Will be playing in “Group of Death” with Germany, Ghana and Portugal.


BEST // Watching Texas vs. Baylor with a plethora of Longhorn fans after Oklahoma upsets Oklahoma State.

WORST // Passing out at 9pm on Saturday night – unable to catch the end of Big 10 Championship or One Direction on Saturday Night Live.


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I Only Watch Documentaries, and Trash TV // Beauty is Embarrassing


Most of the time I watch trash television. But not always. Because luckily, television is getting better. But a long time ago I made the proclamation that “I only watch Documentaries, and trash TV.” So today we bring you another of many documentary reviews to come. Cheers!Beauty-is-Embarrassing

TITLE: Beauty is Embarassing

RUN TIME: 88 minutes



BACKSTORY: Wayne White is an artist whose work you’ve most indubitably seen. Like most great artists, you’ve seen their work – but don’t know their name. That’s okay though. “Beauty is Embarrassing” s a story about a young artist’s rise to the top, fall from grace, and then his struggle with life as he returns to the limelight. Wayne White is a painter, art director, puppeteer, set designer, cartoonist, dreamer, inspirer, in my mind comedian, and so much more. He got his first big break when he created the set for PeeWee’s Playhouse. He then directed a few Emmy Award Winning music videos before his struggle to find himself really began. Wayne struggles, but doesn’t really mind, to break back into the mainstream art scene when he takes on a new challenge. Words on landscapes. The problem? He didn’t paint the landscapes. Just the words on top of the landscape paintings he found at thrift shops. Some of his best work is titled:

“He Was Drunk And Mama Went And Got Him”

“We Were Partyin At The Lake And This Girl Starts Freakin Out”

“Alabama Mofo”

And many others including the word Fuck. It’s a thrilling ride as Wayne struggles to find balance between his professional and personal life. He has a family. He inspires his family. Wayne is a man’s man and in a round about way on a mission to stick it to the man. He doesn’t care one way or the other, but one thing is for sure – Wayne White proves that anything is possible, and you don’t have to play by the rules to become successful. That, and you must have a little bit of a sense of humor if you want to pursue life as an artist.


BUT NOT BETTER THAN: Exit Through the Gift Shop



Best and Worst of the Weekend


NCAA Basketball: Battle4Atlantis Championship-Villanova vs IowaNicholas:

BEST // Hawks.

WORST // Coaching blunders late costing teams victories. Cough – Brady Hoke and Nick Saban.


BEST // Being an Iowa Hawkeye.

THE ABSOLUTE WORST // Paul Walker of Fast and Furious fame passes away in a car crash on Saturday. Thoughts with family and friends.


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LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #15 // Brother on Brother Crime (11-24-13)


5-apps-all-NBA-basketball-fans-need-on-their-phonesA somber opening, to this week’s podcast – as Nick defeats Adam in Fantasy Football this weekend, revenging his Championship lost last year and knocking Adam out of this years playoffs. The guys also discuss the poor play of the Colts (they can’t make this week’s Power Rankings can they?) as well as how it feels to be a Cowboys fan. Again. The Cowboys did win – but it didn’t feel like a win. The guys also talk about Iowa’s big win over the Wolverines then discuss the fact that the NBA season started without anyone really knowing, HAIM’s performance on Saturday Night Live and an idea for a 2014 Running Contest between the two, to see who runs more/farther. Wrapping things up Adam reveals his plan to become famous and  they talk about plans for Thanksgiving the the Brry Scurry!

Michigan v Iowa

Adam did lose to Nick in Fantasy Football, demanding numerous drinks bought to smooth things over come Christmas time. Also, didn’t feel overly excited about the Cowboy’s victory.

Nick did beat Adam in Fantasy Football, and is kind of sad about knocking the one Oestreich who had a chance to make the playoffs out – but not too sad. Also, is devastated by the play of the Colts.

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