OhKs #29 // Hobo Train (8-18-14)


This week the Oh’s Knows bros are getting amped up for football season. After discussing traveling via train and why Nick can’t leave Iowa anymore, they talk about great Robin Williams films, Jeff Gordon being dang fast and how bad the Cowboys are going to be – and how good, or bad the Colts will be. Then they play “IMDB’s Actors Known For Top 4 Movies on IMDB – Working Title”. Adam dominates, of course, if you count forgetting Leo was in the Titantic. And to wrap things up Adam stumps Nick, kind of, in “Who, Who Are You?” and the guys end on a very heartwarming quote.


OhKs #28 // Which Die-Hard? (8-10-14)


This week the Oh’s Knows bros talk about Nick’s travel woes and his week with Mickey Mouse. The guys also talk about the unfortunate tragic event in racing that took place involving Tony Stewart. Later they get into the “Big 3”, Kevin Love to the Cavs and whether you should keep your Andrew Wiggins Cavs jersey or not. Wrapping things up the guys play a new game – Actors IMDB’s Known For Movies (working title)and the game that is quickly sweeping the nation, “Who, Who Are You?!” P.S. Adam bests his little brother for the first time ever.. Spoiler Alert.

OhKs #27 // In 3-2-1.. (8-3-14)


This week the guys celebrate Nick’s new job and continuing his education. They also talk about the Ray Rice situation, and why they think Josh Gordon may, just may get out of his full year suspension. The guys also briefly discuss NASCAR, Fantasy Football and how Speed is one of the greatest movies of all time – snubbed of an Oscar. Wrapping things up, they guys play “Who, Who Are You?” a game that is quickly sweeping the nation!