About to.. lose a REAL bet to a FAKE person!


Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 11.06.28 AM


Way back in the dog days of April, nearly 2 months ago but really closer to 1 and a half month ago I went out on a limb – ehh? – and said that Jimmie Johnson would not win before or during the Coca Cola 600.

Well ladies and gentlemen today is arguable the greatest day of the year. With 1100 miles in racing, and way more ego points on the line, like double 1100 and times a bunch more. I’m starting to get nervous.

It’s not the talk of the NASCAR town, but it is definitely one of the main story lines this year – that is the fact that Jimmie Johnson, Mr. 6 Time, Mr. Unstoppable – has been more stoppable than un and has yet to cross the finish line first in a single race so far in 2014.

Will it be tonight? I sure hope not! You see, if we hop back in to the way back machine, I said Jimmie Johnson wouldn’t win before OR during the 600. Not just before! Idiot! And you see, I kinda (not really at all) made a REAL bet with a FAKE (I’m sure it’s not a bot) person on Twitter.

Not that any of you care.. But I do! You see, I would feel really cool if I was correct on something like this! It would make me like a NASCAR expert or something! I would join the ranks of like the great Nascar James or Sir Sprint Cupps!

We all know Jimmie will win eventually. He will more than likely win in bunches! But please Jimmie, don’t win tonight – I don’t want to lose my REAL bet to this FAKE person I’ve never met!




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