Get on board or get to Russia!


Yesterday wrapped up a two day tire test for a few NASCAR drivers and Goodyear at Michigan International Speedway. And shit got real.

After the debacle that was Martinsville, where you weren’t the cool kid in class unless you blew a tire – like peeing your pants in Billy Madison. People, not smart, er – less informed immediately began to blame Goodyear. Makes sense, they make the tires. But Goodyear quickly through together a rebuttal of – hey crew chiefs, how about you listen to us once and a while and fill them damn tires up all the way.

All of this is besides the point, and Goodyear could use a little boost, news, fun in the sun, to get back in good graces of NASCAR Nation.

That’s where Dale Earnhardt Jr., Clint Bowyer, Greg Biffle, Ryan Newman and Trevor Bayne come in.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 10.45.54 PM

Yeah. You read that right. 217 mph. Now if you can’t get on board with that, just move right to Russia. Or North Korea. Cause that’s just straight badass son.

217 miles per freaking hour! Last year, Joey Logano set the track qualifying record at 203 mph. That’s a whole 14 mph faster! Holy hell Goodyear, what you got in those tires? Could this be our first ever case of performance enhancing drugs in tires? If there’s one way to get people to forget about your tires blowing up more than Kurt Busch on an ESPN reporter, it’s to top out at 215 plus.

It sure got me counting down the days to Michigan. Well done Goodyear.


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