Las Vegas This Weekend // Best & Worst Paint Schemes


Kevin Harvick dominated in Phoenix. Maybe it’s because he was driving the “Freaky Fast” Jimmy Johns car on Sunday. Or maybe it’s just because he’s just really good and pretty much owns Phoenix. Or at least has his own parking spot. This week, Las Vegas. And what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas – so I’ve heard. Does that make sense?

Either way, once again – we pick our favorite drivers like girls pick which team is going to win the NCAA tournament. Jersey colors. But because these guys and Danica don’t really wear jerseys, we pick em by their cars. And we get pretty amped up when the paint schemes come out. Because I like NASCAR. And I like Design. So when the two come together.. “Oh word?”

If you see a cooler/better looking/neater car on Sunday. And you don’t see it here. That could be because one of two things. 1) I may have bad taste. 2) Not every single paint scheme is made available before the race on Sunday. So there.

Best of the Best: Jeff Gordon in the #24 Axalta Chevrolet


Finally! Jeff Gordon is listening to me! Almost! The Rainbow Warrior is looking a little more rainbow warrior-y. This car is slick. Blacked out with flames. Can’t go wrong. I mean I would never put flames on my car. But I have never really been able to pull off a good mustache and I have never been known as the Rainbow Warrior. Not yet at least. Keep up the great work Jeff. I wore my Kevin Harvick Budweiser shirt last week. This week, my Jeff Gordon Hendrick Motorsports shirt. Unfortunately, it’s not rainbowed, but it will do.

Fourth Meal: David Ragan in the #34 Taco Bell Ford


Maybe because I like Taco Bell. Maybe because I like the color purple. Who knows exactly why, but I really like the look of this car. The purple front end, the black back end with a little pink accent in the middle – nailed it. Maybe someone, Taco Bell maybe, NASCAR maybe, David Ragan? Probably not. Thought like a designer and decided, less is more. Because this car, looks fantastic. And only if it had a rainbow on it, would it have beat Jeffy Gordon. Better luck next time David.

Honorable Mention:

Denny HamlinHamlin

  • I held out last week. But three weeks in a row.. I can’t take it anymore. I get it FedEx. You have all kinds of different services that are differentiated by colors. That doesn’t mean you have to make everyone one of you cars the same boring black with a sunburst of purple or green or orange or whatever it is. You’re creative. You did that whole arrow in the logo thing. C’mon. If this happens one more time, I’m writing a letter to you, and sending it via UPS. Get your shit together. Oh and good luck Denny!

Austin DillonScreen Shot 2014-03-07 at 10.24.25 PM

  • The 3 is back. And I’ve got to be honest I love it. I am a huge Dale fan. And after much back and forth, and fine with the 3 back in NASCAR – it honors Dale. But could we also honor him with a better paint scheme. Listen. I know, without sponsors you don’t have NASCAR. Fine. I get that. But if you are going to sponsor the 3 car. Make a freaking white logo and slap it on the hood of an all-black 3 car. That’s it. Final. All black 3 with a little bit a red and white. No more of this yellow shit. Black. Got it?

For the rest of the NASCAR paint schemes that have been released so far for the race on Sunday, click here!


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