I don’t like.. I don’t want him to.. Again? // Jimmie Johnson


Quick.. Who’s your favorite NASCAR driver?

Jimmie Johnson? Really? How can you cheer for that guy? What about Smoke? Or Jeff Gordon? Or Kevin Harvick or one of the Busch brothers? What about Matt Kenseth or Denny Hamlin or I guess even Carl Edwards? Even Dale Jr. Join Jr. Nation man!

These days, you don’t hear to many people say I rooting for Jimmie Johnson to win. Again. I mean c’mon guy you’ve won 6 championships in the past 8 years. Let someone else get a crack at it. Anyone else!

I’ll be the first to admit that I do not root for Jimmie Johnson to win on Saturday night’s or Sunday afternoons. I’ll even admit that, sorry Mom and Dad, I curse when he does win. It’s boring. It’s old. It’s not fun, exciting, or fun and exciting. It’s jut getting old.

Today I listened to Tony Stewart on the Dan Patrick show. He was asked who he thinks means more to NASCAR.. Jimmie Johnson or Dale Jr.?


Almost a trick question.

My first thought was Dale Jr.

Tony’s response was Jimmie Johnson. I questioned it for a second, and then Tony went on to explain..

We are watching history in the making. They both mean so much to NASCAR. Dale Jr. is the biggest name and the lifeblood of one of the greatest drivers of all-time.

But what Jimmie Johnson is doing is insane. And so important to the sport. Like The Steeler’s in the 70’s, Jordan and the Bull’s in the 90’s. Tiger Woods and Roger Federer. The Yankees of life and the Patriots as of late. Jimmie Johnson is a dynasty. And what he is doing is insane.


You may not root for him this weekend in Las Vegas. I won’t. Or this entire year. I’m not. And you may not want to see him win ever again. But he will. Because whether you like it or not, that’s what fuels him. And when you look back, if you are lucky enough to have kids, grandkids, great grandkids and you are fortunate to get them to listen to you for a good 10 minutes and watch 50 laps of a NASCAR race.

You can tell them about Jimmie Johnson. And how unbelievably dominate he was way back when – in an era with so many talented and competitive drivers. (After all he’s not racing against the Fresno Go-Kart Club.)

When you didn’t want to root for him. And took it all for granted. How he put NASCAR on the map and his name with some of the all-time greats in all of sport.

Again. I ain’t rooting for the guy. But I like the guy. You have to like the guy. If you don’t you are more insane than this dent he is putting in NASCAR history.



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