Race for the Chase: Jimmie Johnson // 1 Day ’til Daytona


Jimmie Johnson — #48

  • Team: Hendrick Motorsports / Chevy
  • Wins In 2013: 6
  • Last Year Chase Result: Champion
  • Jimmie’s 2013 In A NutshellMajor League (1989)

Harry Doyle: Just a reminder, fans, about Die-Hard Night coming up here at the stadium. Free admission to anyone who was actually alive the last time the Indians won a pennant.

Why Jimmie Johnson will not win the chase in 2014:nscs_jimmie_johnson.png.main

So that quote about Jimmie’s 2013 season is there for a few reasons.

  1. It involves two of the best movies ever. Major League and Die Hard. But just the first Major League and the first Die Hard. Because let’s be honest the 2nd of both of those movies were unstoppably horrendous.
  2. Harry Doyle aka Bob Uecker is one of the only good things about baseball.
  3. There’s really absolutely positively no reason I can even try to think of that Jimmie Johnson will not win the Chase in 2014. Unless that whole Richard Petty, Danica will only win if all the drivers stay home thing comes to fruition. So I’m not really going to waste my time, and especially your time.

The main reason I picked that quote though was because how amazing would it be to hear Mike Joy say during the middle of a race halfway through the season when it looks like Jimmie has all but won his freaking 7th career championship..

Just a reminder, fans, about Need for Speed night coming up here at the track. Free admission to anyone who was actually alive the last time  Jimmie Johnson didn’t have a championship.

Why Jimmie Johnson will win the chase in 2014:

Let’s be honest. Jimmie Johnson is the greatest driver of this generation. Arguably, of all-time. (That’s for another day). I’m not too terribly excited about it either folks. I, like you, are tired of Jimmie Johnson winning. Sick and tired of it. Jeff Gordon. Tony Stewart. Kevin Harvick. A lot of drivers have got to be kicking themselves by the amount of Championships this guy has cost them. It’s annoying. And what’s worse? The man with the plan Chad Knaus is kind of a jerk. That’s putting it nicely. He pushes the rules to the limit. He sometimes cheats. He sometimes gets away with. He sometimes doesn’t. But he’s a competitor, and a genius for that matter. Maybe if Chad was with a driver, that driver would be racking up Championships like they were parking tickets. Oh and have you heard that Jimmie is an athlete. He runs 15 miles a day like it’s a walk in the park. He did the half marathon just last weekend. I know Donavan McNabb, we’re sick of it too. And maybe the worst part about Jimmie? He’s a nice freaking guy. He doesn’t (often) call out drivers. He doesn’t make to big of a fuss when he gets put into the wall. He just goes out there and does his job. And you know what?


This is EXACTLY why Jimmie is going to win again! He just goes out there, does his job, and gets shit done. He’s going to win because you don’t want him too. Everyone great athlete, (Yeah I said it Donavan) has to come up with new ways to motivate themselves. To keep the fire burning. And you know that’s exactly what Jimmie is doing with all of us who is sick and bloody tired of seeing him win. He’ll use that. Quietly. But he’ll use it. And yeah, we aren’t sure if Jimmie is even the most talented driver in NASCAR. But he knows something we don’t. And something almost 50 other guys, drivers, teams don’t know either. Like it or not folks, Jimmie will win again. And probably again. And again. And whether you want to crown him the best driver of all-time, or just his era. Don’t take it for granted. Because 15 years from now, we will all look back and say..

Need for Speed night?

No sorry, that’s not it. We will look back and say..

Holy shit. Remember that Jimmie Johnson guy? His run was one of the most amazing events in all of sports. Holy shit was he good.

That’s why, like it or not, Jimmie Johnson will be the last man standing in Miami.

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