Race for the Chase: Dale Earnhardt Jr. // 5 Days til Daytona


Dale Earnhardt Jr. — #88

  • Team: Hendrick Motorsports / Chevy
  • Wins In 2013: 0
  • Last Year Chase Result: 5th
  • Dale’s 2013 In A Nutshell: Slap Shot (1977)

    McGrath: Good crowd out there tonight, boys, let’s really try to win this one.

Why Dale Earnhardt Jr. will not win the chase in 2014:nscs_dale_earnhardtjr.png.main

Did you hear the 3 is back? Now it might not make much of a difference, but you can’t tell me that seeing the black 3 car pass you by, bump you, give you a quick little wave during a race won’t mess with your head just a little bit if your Dale Jr.? Just a little bit. I mean I’m just going to go with that, since it would be really quick and easy just to say.. Well he’s won one race since 2008. Which I will add to this argument. But seriously, the 3 is back too you guys? Oh and Dale has only won one race since 2008 – how the hell is he going to win the entire Chase? I mean I guess the good news is that him and Steve Letarte are really starting to find their groove. Wait. What’s that? Steve Letarte is leaving the garage to become an analyst after this year? Well that’s good. I’m sure that will help Dale this year.. Anyway.

Why Dale Earnhardt Jr. will win the chase in 2014:

According to my older cousin, who I don’t think has ever lied to me, our grandparent’s our turning 88 years old this year – so it’s the 88’s year to win it. Sounds good to me. And I wouldn’t put it past him. I mean holy shit NASCAR Jesus has to win sooner or later right? I’m going with sooner. Dale really had one heck of a year last year for not winning a single race. With 22 races inside the top 10 last year, 8 of those being when he most needed them, the Chase. Of those 8 races, freaking 5 of them were top 5 finishes, and 3 were big nasty, terrible 2nd place finishes. There’s nothing better/worse than seeing Dale finish 2nd. Mainly because you wanted him to win so bad. And secondly because he gets so emotional. That’s the better part. You can see it, during those interviews, the passion and intensity. Dale wants to win. He needs to win. He needs it for himself more than you want it. Those interviews are great, because you see real life passion. You see a grown ass man almost think he is on the brink of tears. Dale doesn’t like being NASCAR Jesus and not winning. Sure the popularity and money is great. But this guy knows that it means nothing without a Championship. He can’t be satisfied. He won’t be satisfied. No more what ifs, and woulda/coulda/shouldas. No more 2nd place interviews and no more living in Dad’s shadow. Seeing that 3 car back out there, is only going to motivate him more. It’s the year of 88’s!

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