Race for the Chase: Kasey Kahne // 11 Days ’til Daytona


Kasey Kahne — #5

  • Team: Hendrick Motorsports / Chevy
  • Wins In 2013: 2
  • Last Year Chase Result: 12th
  • Kasey’s 2013 In A Nutshell: Chariots of Fire (1981)

Eric Liddell: I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.

Why Kasey Kahne will not win the Chase in 2014: nscs_kasey_kahne.png.main

Kasey Kahne just might be the most talented driver in all of NASCAR. I like to say might be because I really don’t have any stats to back that up or any fancy scientific proof. But the kid is good alright. But he’s kind of a pussy. Yeah, yeah we know – you don’t have to spin out every driver that passes you for a win with one lap to go. But you should. And you don’t have to get out of your race after a dust up with an opposing driver and throw your helmet at his car or punch him in the jaw. But you should. The beef with Kasey ever since he was too uncomfortable to continue to be the Budweiser poster boy is that he’s too soft. In a physical sport where the rules are changing every single day to either benefit the drivers or benefit the fans, (what’s today?) you do need some toughness and a bit a of a mean streak in a driver.

Why Kasey Kahne will win the Chase in 2014: 

Kasey Kahne just might be the most talented driver in all of NASCAR. He just might be is on the most talented and fastest and bestest team in NASCAR. He should be taking notes on every step, left turn, bathroom break and sneeze Jimmie Johnson makes. He should be tired of being called the pretty boy of NASCAR. Kasey is a Seattle Seahawks fan. And if he is going to watch his hometown team beat the hell out of most every team they played including the AFC Champion Broncos and he is going to be pumped up to go out there race after race and make his presence felt.. Then shit there’s not much else that can be done. Like the quote from “Chariots of Fire,” God made Kasey Kahne fast. Really fast. And all these other drivers better hope that he doesn’t actually become mean as well. Because as soon as the fire gets lit under his belly – it’s game over.

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