Listen: OhKs #25 // Hitler is kind of a dick (2-10-14)


The Oh’s Knows Bros sit down to talk first and foremost, if they each have ever messed around and gotten a triple double. After quickly acknowledging that no, it has not ever happened – if you don’t count NBA Live 2005, they talk about a very impressive win from the Iowa Hawkeyes this past Saturday over the Michigan Wolverines. The guys also talk about going to, and seeing the LEGO Movie, and how amazing it was. This leads into a discussion about how Pixar and Disney movies are definitely made for parents, and not really kids. Pixar somehow leads into talking about Hitler’s art as a child, and how he was kind of a dick. Wrapping things up the guys talk about Parks and Recreation, and compare Hendricks Motorsports to Stewart Haas Racing, talking just a little bit of NASCAR as they prepare for the Daytona 500 in 12 days!

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