Hawks win big.. Wait, that was the 1st half. Hawks win.


Before yesterday, the Iowa Hawkeyes hadn’t beaten the Illini in Champaign since the 1900’s. It was 1999, but jeez that was 15 years ago. A game that was an absolute must win for the Hawks started out just right. Illinois looked sloppy and Iowa was scoring at will. Aaron White was dunking on people like Tom Chambers, Adam Woodbury was playing like a 7 foot center should, Gabriel Olaseni continued to play out of his mind and be one of the best players on the court, as well as Uthoff and Olgesby knocking down threes with Mike Gesell controlling the game and running the court like Steve Nash. Err, BJ Armstrong? Mike Gesell was just playing pretty good. 367-gymCd.AuSt.55Oh! Like Jeff Horner! And then, with the Hawks up 21 with almost 10 mins to play in the half, it felt like someone decided to tell the team, “Hey this is the end of the Michigan State game, you guys should try and not score any field goals.” And in unison they all went, “Okay!” It was ugly. Good teams do not go for extended periods of time, (15 minutes against MSU and 7 and a half minutes against Illinois). But good teams do find ways to close these games out. Who was Iowa going to be Saturday? The latter! They decided to play good, well, better and they won! Yay! It really wasn’t that easy. Illinois played tough in the second. I think. I honestly started doing the dishes and flipping back and forth between the game and Modern Family. Listen I love my Hawks. But I also like to watch good fundamentally sound basketball. The Hawks didn’t disappoint. They definitely gave a few people heart attacks, again this year – but you’ll have that. After a tough loss against the Spartans, and a real chance to watch everyone jump off the bandwagon if they didn’t play well in Champaign, the Hawks proved that maybe they are a Final Four contender? Or maybe just one of the Top 2 or 3 teams in the Big Ten. Yeah. Let’s just start there. PS Roy Devyn Marble quietly won Player of the Game honors. Continues to play like a, according to Stephen Bardo “Full Grown Man.”

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