Stewart-Haas Racing is going to be dominant in 2014


I wanted to show this video. But this other one will do. Either way you get the gist of it. Stewart Haas Racing is going to dominant in 2014. We won’t go in to much detail, MORE TO COME IN FEBRUARY. (Now that’s a teaser)

Smoke returns from his leg injury. Dominant.

Happy gets a fresh start after what could only be described as an awkward but impressive last year at RCR. Dominant.

Un-Happy(?). Err, the elder Busch brother gets his hands back on some first class racing equipment. Dominant.

And Danica is still really revved up about Jay Mohr poking fun at her during the 2013 NASCAR Award Show. Ehh. Dominant? Maybe.

Hey. No matter what happens, it’s going to be one hell of an interesting year with a lot of great press conferences and soundbites coming out of the Stewart Haas Racing camp. Ca’mon.


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