LISTEN: OhKs #24 // Beer, Wine, Sport (1-30-14)


This episode starts out with the guys talking about feeling cultured drinking wine, and drinking craft beer – but then turning back to good ole fashioned Busch Light. They guys also dissect the Hawkeyes loss to Michigan State on Wednesday night and talk about a few people overreacting about the 2 point loss to the 7th ranked team in the country. Wrapping things up the guys talk Super Bowl, prop bets, who wins and why the Bronco’s kicker Matt Prater needs to change his number to 64!

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Ways to take out your anger after a BIG loss


We are almost 24 hours removed from the Iowa loss to Michigan State at Carver Hawkeye. But I still feel like taking out my anger like this kid. There are a few ways to release the stress and built up anger out after a loss – like bust your desk with a lamp and rip up every DVD case that makes you think of, said, really tough loss. Our good buddy decided to murder his dinner tray. I mainly drank heavily and threw every gold t-shirt I own as hard as I could against the wall. Oh and I also prayed. But big props to this guy for making me, us, and everyone feel better about ourselves. Like I always say before I go to the dentist, “Someone always looks worse than me.”

And please never tell this kid we did actually pick Batista to win the Royal Rumble.

Iowa vs. Michigan State Basketball // Wrap-Up


1/28/14 – 9:37pm: As I sit at the local watering hole in the Drake neighborhood, possibly as the only person of age here, I’m left to wonder what happened to our beloved Hawks. Just last week they were touted as a Final Four contender by every ESPN analyst. So tonight, on Super Tuesday, at home against #7 MSU, we were supposed to rise to the occasion. Instead, it was a performance every Iowa fan dreads. Now I wasn’t able to catch the game on the tele (stupid night class), but following the game on Twitter was enough for me. I could get Vine’s of Keith Appling walking to the moon and back, Fran kicking his clipboard, and everything in between. I could also see outrage turn to disappointment as the Hawks squandered yet another chance to prove themselves. 15 minutes without a field goal and shooting 65% from the line will do that to a team. The Hawks are good, will remain good, but were blown up to epic levels by the mothership that they could just not sustain. They have a week to regroup before another Super Tuesday showdown at home against an Ohio State team that desperately needs a win. Beating the Buckeyes, again, might provide some more confidence for this bunch, while a loss could send them in a tail spin that I don’t even want to think about. Until this weekend.. On Iowa!

Stewart-Haas Racing is going to be dominant in 2014


I wanted to show this video. But this other one will do. Either way you get the gist of it. Stewart Haas Racing is going to dominant in 2014. We won’t go in to much detail, MORE TO COME IN FEBRUARY. (Now that’s a teaser)

Smoke returns from his leg injury. Dominant.

Happy gets a fresh start after what could only be described as an awkward but impressive last year at RCR. Dominant.

Un-Happy(?). Err, the elder Busch brother gets his hands back on some first class racing equipment. Dominant.

And Danica is still really revved up about Jay Mohr poking fun at her during the 2013 NASCAR Award Show. Ehh. Dominant? Maybe.

Hey. No matter what happens, it’s going to be one hell of an interesting year with a lot of great press conferences and soundbites coming out of the Stewart Haas Racing camp. Ca’mon.

10 Things We Learned From The Grammy’s Last Night


1) Jay-Z and Beyonce are the world’s most powerful couple. And we totally have to throw out or redefine the phrase, “Born with a silver spoon in your mouth.” Now that Blu Ivy drinks milk out of Jay’s gold Grammy.

2) Pharrell William’s needs a new, different hat. Something. Speaks really good French robot talk though.

3) Try dancing while you are at the Grammy’s, and you will get hosed on Twitter.


4) I like Lorde. You know you like Lorde. But apparently she is super emo and no one else was ever emo when they were 17. Oh yeah, and what you were doing when you were 17? I bet it wasn’t winning Grammy’s and more of popping zits and rewriting your AOL profile.

5) Metallica still rocks out super hard even with Chinese pianist Lang Lang.

6) Poor Kacey Musgraves had to follow up Kendrick and Imagine Dragons. Not a good idea. Is super hot. A very good idea.

7) Twitter is fantastic during awards shows.


– Hanson?

– Paul McCartney and Ringo Star?

– What’s left of NSYNC?

– Queen Latifah and Madonna?

– Steven Tyler and Lady Steven Tyler?

9) Chrissy Teigen owns life and Twitter, always.

10) Just Timberlake wasn’t at the Grammy’s because he was at every commercial that took place during the Grammy’s.