LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #20 // Cushiest Gigs Ever ft. Jamie White (12-22-13)


Gruden_MNFJoined by very special guest Jamie White, the gang talks about referees and the NFL rulebook, the all-time cushiest gigs in all of sports as well as a day in the life watching football with the guys reminiscing about the good ole days! All of this taking place while Jamie is in a heated Fantasy Football championship battle and realizes his favorite NFL team still has a chance to make the playoffs – but they need a lot of help! Wrapping things up the guys talk about the sanctity of their league and how they can take it to new heights in the future. This podcast dedicated to.. (enter name here) Enjoy!

Adam’s Dallas Cowboys won, barely – but a win is a win right! Also, believes that Mack Brown has the all-time cushiest gig right now, getting paid to not coach.Alex Smith, Andrew Luck

Nick’s Indianapolis Colts had an impressive showing against the Chiefs winning easily. Also, believes that Jon Gruden pretty much has the cushiest gig around right now.

Jamie’s Steelers won, as you can tell if you’ve already listened to this episode – boy was it heart wrenching!

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