The #3 Car is Back in NASCAR // Just a few thoughts


The #3 car is back! There has been a lot of huss and fuss about the news of Austin Dillion’s new ride come 2014. Being the huge NASCAR and Dale fans that come with being an Oestreich – of course we had a few thoughts about it. Just an email turned bet, with a few thoughts in between.


So I know we never got to talk much at the end of the season, but just thought I’d say I told you so about Jimmie. Now that he’s a six timer, think he’s up there with the best of all time? And speaking of best of all time, did you hear the news coming from the RCR camp this past week?


You mean that the 3 is back? Of course I heard about that. Had a moment of silence just the other night. I’m pretty pumped about it. Still not sure about how I feel about the Dillon boys after their dust-up with Harvick in the trucks this past year. But seeing the 3 back on the track is going to be pretty awesome I think. Plus it does look pretty boss. Your thoughts?


I’m a little skeptical about it. I just don’t think anyone else should be using the #3. What if he doesn pan out and he always finishes in the back of the pack? That car was never in the back of the pack unless the legend himself was racing too hard. It’ll just be weird seeing the car back out there.


True. But what if he wins at Daytona in February? Not gonna lie, I was reading an article about Rich Childress talking about the 3 running again at Daytona and I almost started to cry.


Was that before or after watching the Dale documentary for the 10th time? But I still won’t see it as Austin Dillion. It’s kind of like the #23. Someone else can wear it, but you’ll always think of it as MJ first and then that person. To be fair to Austin Dillion, is that really what he wants as a rookie. All of the pressure to live up to the #3. We saw how it affected Dale Jr and he wasn’t even in the #3 car.


Yeah but excluding the fact that it’s Austin Dillon. Isn’t it going to be awesome to see that 3 back out there. They are celebrating it. They are disgracing it. Basically I’m okay with it. Because Richard Childress is okay with it. Technically he owns the number. Dale Junior is okay with it. And Dale’s wife is okay with. So I’m okay with it, I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want that pressure if I was a rookie. But it would be awesome to race in Dale’s old ride.

And you really don’t think Austin has a chance of winning at Daytona? He did fill in for Smoke at the super speedways this year..

P.S. I only watch the Dale doc on Sundays before church.


Oh I’m not saying that at all. Anyone that avoids the “Big One” has a chance at the super speedways. I was saying I’m not sure he will have it throughout the course of the year. He did dominate the Truck Series and the Nationwide Series the past 3 years so who knows. The kid might have it. Either way I’m excited to see him in action. 69 days..



And when that 3 car finally rolls into victory lane at some point this season, because it will happen. You’ll have a couple million people and Wal-Mart’s going bonkers. Me included. The tears will flow like the Sea of Capistrano. It’s going to be magical.


IF he does win, that will indeed happen, but he didn’t even win a race in Nationwide last year so let’s hold the phone before we anoint this kid the next big thing.IMG_1263


I’ll bet you a case of bud and a Budweiser bath the 3 wins a race in 2014..


Put it in ink, you’ve got yourself a deal.

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