NFL Power Rankings After Week 15


And we’re back!  A week off has helped me recover and prepare for this weeks rankings.  There was a lot of cleaning up to do.  Not sure if that was a lack of great performances from the top teams in the league, or the “football expert” himself not knowing what he was doing.  Give him a break though guys.  He’s a first timer.*

  1. SeahawksSeattle Seahawks (12-2) LW (2) – Playing Eli Manning sure makes any team feel great.  The Seahawks’ stellar defense picked him off 5 times and controlled the game from the get go.  Being one of the lone top teams to win this week makes them a shoe in for the top spot.
  2. BroncosDenver Broncos (11-3) LW (1) – The resurgence of Phillip Rivers was too much for them to handle.  Peyton looked average, in his terms, this week, and the run game was nonexistent. Looks like the AFC’s best isn’t invincible after all.
  3. CheifsKansas City Chiefs (11-3) LW (7) – After Jamaal Charles just torched the Raiders and single handedly won many fantasy playoffs in this one, the one seed is still up for grabs.  They’ll have to win out and hope that Peyton’s noodle arm makes a comeback in one of the next two weeks.
  4. NinersSan Francisco 49ers (10-4) LW (5) – They own the longest winning streak in the league at 4 and its perfect timing with only two weeks left before the playoffs.  The passing game is back, which was surely aided by the return of Michael Crabtree.  Tough luck though. At best, they’ll be the 5 seed.
  5. PatriotsNew England Patriots (10-4) LW (4) – Tommy Boy sure did miss Gronk this week.  While Amendola and Edleman did indeed step up this week, it wasn’t quite enough as Tommy couldn’t muster another last second win and instead threw a pick in the endzone with 2 seconds left to lose the game.  The Patriots will have to fix those road blues, because at this rate, they’ll only have one home game come playoff time.
  6. SaintsNew Orleans Saints (10-4) LW (3) – What was that?  I mean really?  Kellen Clemmons can’t win football games.  Drew Brees is twice the quarterback that he is.  While the latter statement is true, somehow the first is not.  The Rams put on a show over the Saints and has left Sean Payton looking to make some replacements this upcoming week.  That’s never a good sign.
  7. PanthersCarolina Panthers (10-4) LW (8) – At one point, a 6 seed looked like the best case scenario.  Now, there is the potential of getting the 2 seed and a first round bye.  All they have to do is win out and beat the Saints in the process, which is no easy task.
  8. BengalsCincinnati Bengals (9-5) LW (6) – There chances to move into the 2 seed were quickly squashed, as division rival Pittsburgh dominated the whole game in this one.  An easy week ahead with the Vikings coming to town will hopefully give them some momentum before they faceoff against the defending Super Bowl Champion Ravens in week 17.
  9. CardinalsArizona Cardinals (9-5) LW (10) – 9-5 gets you in the playoffs, right?  Not so fast my friend.  In the NFC it looks like the Cardinals could finish 11-5 and still get left out of the playoffs, while the Bears and Eagles will probably get in with records of 9-7.  That’s rough.
  10. ColtsIndianapolis Colts (9-5) LW (NR) – The most unpredictable team in the league is your very own Indianapolis Colts.  One week, nothing goes right, while the next nothing goes wrong. That’s great and all, but you’d like to think that this team is a Reggie Wayne injury away from being the 2 seed in the AFC.

*He didn’t do too bad did he folks? NFL Power Rankings After Week 14

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