LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #18 // Live Tweeting Alone (12-15-13)


Green Bay Packers v Dallas CowboysAt the top of the episode, Nick is  just checking on the well-being of Adam as the Cowboys lost an absolutely devastating game to the Packers. After trying to figure out what is wrong in Dallas, they talk about the Colts and debate who would win in a head to head matchup right now if the Cowboys played the Colts. The guys also talk about the disappointing loss Friday night in College Basketball with the Cyclones beating our Hawks in Ames and how they still aren’t watching the NBA, yet. Wrapping things up Adam talks about taking the Power Rankings reigns as Nick was busy studying for finals, explains “Ed Wood” to young Nicholas James, and talk this week in television as well as their upcoming travel plans for the Holidays!


Adam is convinced that he controls the outcomes of games, just by watching them. Also, plans on watching “Breaking Bad” again at the start of the New Year – is no longer scared watching episodes before bed.

Nick hasn’t been up to much because he has had things thing called school going on. Also, has been watching a good show called “The Killing” – is still scared to watch “Breaking Bad” before bed.


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