What we learned heading into Bowl Season // Ranked 1 to 10


1. BCS National Championship Game – Florida State vs. AuburnFSU-Auburn

Still trying to wrap our heads around Auburn in the National Title Game. They sure have surprised people as of late, but will that momentum wear off in a month from now when these two meet up? Florida State seems like absolutely no one can stop them, probably why Vegas is giving Auburn 8.5 points – instead of it’s usual two in a half scores that the Seminoles have been favored the majority of the season. A few questions to think about going into this Championship game. Does Auburn have anymore miracles up their sleeves? And/or will Jameis Winston’s Heisman victory (going out on a limb and calling it) go to his head? Tough to think Auburn has a shot in this one, but hell they’ve pulled off crazier upsets.

What we learned last weekend: Florida State just trains rolls everyone they play.

2. Rose Bowl – Stanford vs. Michigan StateMSU-Stan

This is Old School football. Michigan State has the best defense in all of College Football, and now finally a quarterback who can “manage” the game. Stanford has beat some of the nation’s best teams this year – in the Pac 12, but they have a nice little defense too. This just might end up being the best BCS bowl game of them all. That’s best – not most exciting. Almost 20 years ago Stanford put a whooping on the Spartans, 38-0 in the Sun Bowl, should be a lot closer this time as Stanford is favored slightly. (-1.5)

What we learned last weekend: Michigan State students are crazy.


3. Orange Bowl – Clemson vs. Ohio StateClemson-OSU

Oh poor Urban Meyer. Said no one. Ever. Ohio State should probably make sure they win out before blaming the BCS. That would have been a viable argument had they actually gone undefeated. Now that we got that out of the bag. This should actually be a pretty good game! With some real athletes in the secondary, the most fun thing to watch will be Sammy Watkins run wild. As long as the Buckeyes players don’t get ejected should be a nice matchup. Even though we just bashed Ohio State – they are pretty good. Carlos Hyde anyone?

What we learned last weekend: Ohio State can’t stand the heat.


4. Sugar Bowl – Oklahoma vs. AlabamaOkla-Alabama

Sources say this is Nick Saban’s last game at Alabama. Wait – we aren’t ESPN. Who knows what the hell Nick Saban is going to do or where he will be next year. As much as you’d love to say it will be a distraction for Saban and his Alabama football players, it won’t be. Saban is too damn good. It’s weird to think that we almost feel bad that Alabama isn’t in the National Championship game. They did win fair and square and barely and unbelievably to Auburn – but because of that means they still aren’t one of the top two teams in all of college football? Doubt it.  Oh, Oklahoma will be at this game too. Should be alright – but Bama will run away with this one.

What we learned last weekend: Nick Saban looked/sounded pretty comfortable on the Gameday set.

Alabama v Auburn

5. Chick-fil-A Bowl – Duke vs. Texas A&MDuke-A&M

This is one of the most interesting match-ups of the entire bowl season. This Duke team will most certainly be nothing like what Johnny Football  has ever seen before. Wait Duke? Johnny just turned 21 and he’s got a lot of time to get himself into trouble and not be in shape when this game rolls around. Do we think that will happen? No. But shoot, crazier things have happened with this guy. Duke got crushed by Florida State, sure – but do you think they really want this dream season to end getting blown out in the first bowl game they’ve made since.. Well last year. But they don’t go often. And they aren’t relevant often. So let’s not mess this up Duke, we’re pulling for you.

What we learned last weekend: Johnny Football likes to gamble.


6. Cotton Bowl – Oklahoma State vs. MissouriOkST-Miss

Both of these teams have to be less than impressed than the way their bowl bids turned up. Don’t get us wrong, the Cotton Bowl is a great game and it will be fun playing at Jerry’s World – but this time last week their AD’s were probably booking hotels in Florida for a BCS game. Oklahoma State really dropped the ball losing to Oklahoma, losing out on winning the Big 12 and Missouri was one of the hottest teams in the league who would have loved nothing more than arriving in Florida representing the SEC with their middle fingers to the air. Old Big 12 rivals will meet in what’s sure to be a shootout.

What we learned last weekend: Neither team is sure if they want to win the final game of the season.

Hubert Anyiam, Sean Weatherspoon

7. Outback Bowl – Iowa vs. LSUIowa-LSU

Yes. We are a bit bias. But – this is a sneaky good game for people who don’t know a ton about College Football. If this game is half as exciting as the last time they met in 2005, you’ll get your money’s worth. On paper, LSU is a heavy favorite (-8.5). But Kirk Ferentz is one of those coaches that A) loves being the underdog – and B) loves the more time you give him to prepare, because it only make’s him better. You’re thinking, “Yeah, no shit.” But not all coaches love having a month off. Shoot, Nick Saban had a month to prepare for Iowa and the Miami Dolphins in 2005 – but how’d that work out for you Nick? Be sure to tune into this game on New Year’s Day. The contrast of speed on each side of the ball should be enough to entertain you.

What we learned last weekend: You can’t lose when you don’t play. But you can win! Kinda..

*Greatest moment of my life. This never gets old. 

8. Capital One Bowl – Wisconsin vs. South CarolinaWisc-SC

Kirk Herbstreit tried to keep telling everyone that Wisconsin was one of the most underrated teams in the nation. That might have been true back before they got beat by Penn State. They still have a football program? We are looking at this game as the first of three Big 10/SEC Challenge bowl games. (Nebraska v. Georgia and Iowa v. LSU) The last time South Carolina showed up to the Capital One Bowl they got whooped up on by the Big 10. But the last time the Gamecocks played a Big 10 team in Florida Jadevon Clowney almost killed a running back. He’s had a quiet year this year, and James White won’t be having any of that. So let’s do this B1G.

What we learned last weekend: Who knows with the SEC – Big Ten can be exciting though.. with Gus Johnson.

9. Fiesta Bowl – UCF vs. BaylorUCF-Baylor

Well it was a good ride Central Florida. Vegas has no faith in you as they are favoring the Baylor Bears by just a little bit. (-17.5) But we believe in you! We watched you beat South Carolina this year, this might be a good game! Wait? What? Oh. They didn’t? Sorry UCF – I could have sworn you won that game. It was close and you were right in it! I must have had a few too many to drink that day at the bar. We’ll actually be going into this game. Lot’s of pro quarterback potential here. Looking to start our Mock Draft soon. No, no not really. But you should watch. Think of it as the Boise State vs Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl back in 2007. Anything is possible!

What we learned last weekend: It’s great time of the year to be a Baylor Bear. Unless your RGIII.

Baylor Texas Football

10. Alamo Bowl – Oregon vs. TexasOregon-Texas

Rounding out our Top 10. Oregon and Texas? When I saw this game I thought to myself, “Whoa remember when these teams played for National Championships? Not against each other. But remember it was separate occasions just a few years ago?” A home game for Texas, I think it’s really the only thing they have going for them and the only chance they might have against this high powered Oregon offense. It seems as if Mack Brown won’t be around for this one, and I’ve watched enough Texas football to know they have a terrible defense. So.. If I was a Texas fan I’d just bank on that whole home game thing. Looks like Vegas doesn’t believe in a bowl-field advantage, (see what I did there?) and is giving Oregon two scores. I’ll take that action. For entertainment purposes only.

What we learned last weekend: Texas fans believe. They seriously believe until the very, very end.


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