LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #17 // Nigel “The Leg” Gruff (12-8-13)


Greg-Oden-back-on-the-court.After the awkward elevator weather chat, the guys dive into the week that was in College Football – talking especially about the news of the Iowa Hawkeyes making the Outback Bowl. Speaking of the Hawkeyes, Nick went to go see the Hawks basketball team play against the Drake Bulldogs. After the college talk, they then move on to Professional Sports –  and some fantasy, talking about how the Colts continue to disappoint, Rob Gronkowski continues to get hurt and go over the chances of the Cowboys winning Monday night against the Bears. As the guys wrap things up they hit on all kinds of things like Greg Oden’s playing career, Zach Johnson beating Tiger Woods, “The Replacements” movie, global warming of all things and the USA World Cup Draw!


Adam plans on watching “Road House,” again, this coming week and still can’t figure out this Texas weather. Also, is pretty sure Nick told him that Iowa State wasn’t any good and that the Hawks would roll.

Nick is planning on watching “Skyfall” this week and is still probably trying to figure out a place to hide from the snow. Also, is pretty sure he told Adam that Iowa State wasn’t terrible, and pretty good, and that it would be a good game against the Hawks. But he’s not sure. Either way, be sure to check out the Hawks play the Cyclones this coming Friday the 13th!

NCAA Football: Northwestern at Iowa

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