Oh Word? The NBA Season Started.. 5 Things We Know


Jabari+Parker+Duke1. NBA teams don’t know how to tank:  Is it “Riggin for Wiggins”? Or “Sorry for Jabari”? Or even “Too Tart for Smart”? However you spin it, some of these teams forgot what the definition of tanking is. Some of the top teams – that were expected to be at the bottom: Boston, Phoenix, Philadelphia and Washington are above .500 or even leading their Division. Boston clearly is rebuilding, yet are leading the Atlantic. What? Phoenix has a bunch of guys that you’ve never heard of – unless you are a fan of the D-League, but are competing in the West. Who knows what is going on in Philadelphia and until Washington changes their name back to the Bullets, don’t think they will be relevant again. I would imagine these GM’s aren’t entirely thrilled with the way their teams are playing. But Boston has Brooklyn’s picks for the next 50 years there’s a lot of season left for everyone. But the one team who obviously knows how to tank, the Cleveland Cavaliers is at it again. Wait. Didn’t you just have a number 1 pick. Oh 2 in the past 4 years? How’s that working out for you? Have fun in Cleveland Jabari.


2. The West is good. The East is bad. The Top 3 teams in the West have a combined record of 44-10. The Top 3 teams in the East have a combined record of 40-16. That’s probably not the best way to look at it, because of the fact that the East has arguably the top two teams in the league with Miami and Indiana. Look out for Rip City though. How about the fact that the East only has 2-er 3 teams ABOVE .500. Three freaking teams. The West only has 3 teams below .500! Wow. If the playoffs were to start today, the Charlotte Bobcats (you read that right) would make the playoffs as an 8 seed, with a 8-11 record. Just lovely. 

453856269.jpg3. The Big Apple isn’t doing so hot:  What is going on in New York?  The Knicks have looked absolutely terrible.  The Nets and their millions haven’t been much better.  Both teams had high expectations this year and have done the except opposite.  I mean they are behind the Raptors (what?), the Celtics (what?!) and the 76ers (what?!?) after the first month of the season.  Who would have predicted that?  Injuries have plagued the Nets so there is still hope of a slight turnaround, but with Jason Kidd still on the bench and trying to spill $50,000 drinks on the court, there’s probably no hope.  The Knicks actually have no hope and continue to show that Melo cannot lead a team.  After seeing George Karl on ESPN the other day, it amazes me that a team would choose Kidd and Mike Woodson to lead their teams over him.  If things don’t turn around in the next month, heads will be rolling in the Greatest City in the World.

Derrick-Rose4. Derrick Rose has bad knees: (WARNING: I am comparing Derrick Rose to Brandon Roy. Well I am. But I am not saying that there skill level was ever even close to being the same. Just watch okay.) Poor Derrick Rose. You can’t help but feel bad for the guy. Remember Brandon Roy? Former Rookie of the Year, followed by 3 trips to the NBA All-Star game followed by terrible knees and an exit stage left to retirement after a short 6 and a half year playing career. Brandon Roy could ball. And he almost. Almost made Rip City relevant again. Think if his knees held up? Now. Think of Brandon Roy and times him by 3. Remember when Derrick Rose was torching people in 2011? He was a freak. He was doing things most humans couldn’t and shouldn’t be able to do. Growing up a few hours from Chicago, and a Michael Jordan fan – I’m not 100% sure why I dislike the Bulls so much, (couldn’t be their fans) but I dislike the Bulls. But as much as I disliked them, I loved seeing Derrick Rose play. You had to keep your eye on Derrick Rose at all times. If Derrick Rose was in the game, you wouldn’t go grab a beer or go to the bathroom or move an inch, until he was no longer in the game. Not a lot of guys can make you do that. I know I am talking like the dude died. He didn’t. And he will return to the NBA after two major knee surgeries in the past 2 years. But it just won’t be the same. Just won’t be the same.

5. Wake us up when Christmas rolls around:

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 5.24.18 PMWell they looked like good games at the start of the year. Either way – they are unveiling the NEW Holiday “BIG” uniforms. And this is really when things start getting good. Remember the lockout year? Yeah, they should really think about pushing the season back a few weeks and shortening the schedule a bit. Oh you would lose out on millions NBA? Oh. Well it was a thought. BALL NIGHT!

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One thought on “Oh Word? The NBA Season Started.. 5 Things We Know

  1. Comparing Brandon Roy and Derrick Rose is not fair. Brandon Roy had problems with his knees in college. And he came back from knee surgery for his torn meniscus too soon and before he was cleared by the doctors, just to play and lose to the Lakers in the playoffs. I knew he was making a terrible mistake then and that was the beginning of the end for him.

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