Throwback Thursday // 5th of December


Each Thursday we’re taking Instagram to the streets. And to this blog. Remembering the good ol’ days – cause if any good therapist will tell you, it’s best to live in the past.

photo (21)

Nick O.

Just over a year ago, the Oestreich family from Iowa drove down to see the Oestreich son in Texas. On the 18 hour drive from Iowa to Texas, there are numerous numerous things to see and do. One of them, apparently being break into The Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma. Please let me know if there are any words that shouldn’t be more intertwined in a sentence than “Family, Memorial and Break-In.” But yeah, that happened. Nothing like a quick felony charge pitstop on a family road trip. Go Sooners!


Adam O.

The model citizen of the family, didn’t have to break in this stadium to grab this picture. You wouldn’t of guessed it by looking at him, but young Adam got to sit in the sky boxes with the Gold Club Texas members for this Texas vs. Baylor game last year at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. Free food. Free drink. I can’t ever go back to a College Football game with the peasants. Treated like royalty at one of the richest schools in the country was definitely a treat. And a 100point shootout with no defense was pretty cool too.

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