Looking Ahead to The Championship Week of College Football


Time to put it all on the table.  Dreams will be realized.  Tears will be shed. Nick Saban will be sitting at home.  This is Championship Week, where the best of the best come to play.  Besides the ACC, nothing looks completely set in stone and any team could pull it out.  Auburn is looking for its third straight miracle finish to take home the SEC crown, while the Big 10 just wants to prove all the critics wrong.  Here’s what we’re watching this weekend:


  • OB-FC655_mascot_G_20091216233940Big 12 – Two games this weekend control the fate of the automatic bid for the Big 12. The first is the Bedlam Series between the Oklahoma schools.  Win and OSU is in the title game.  However, if they lose, the winner of the second game between Texas and Baylor will determine the Big 12 championship.  Who doesn’t want to see Bryce Petty and Co. in the BCS?
  • SEC – Not surprisingly, the state of Alabama is represented in this one. The surprising thing is that it will be Auburn, not Alabama representing the west in the title game.  Newcomer Missouri comes in from the east, even though they’re farther west than Auburn (and we thought the Big 10 was confusing).  133890719_crop_650x440Winner of this one will be hoping for either an Ohio St or Florida St loss so they can sneak into the National Title game.
  • Pac 12 – Interesting stat about this matchup; its the only major conference championship game that isn’t played in a neutral location. That may prove to be the difference for the Sun Devils, as they are 7-0 at home this season and  looking to redeem their sole Pac 12 loss at Stanford.
  • ACC – This could prove to be the most lopsided loss of the weekend by far.  734-v1MvS.AuSt.55Duke is trying to convince critics that they can be a football school too, while Florida St is looking to make it one half of the first non-SEC title game in 7 years.
  • Big 10 – Old School Big 10 football v. The Flashy Spread Scheme of New.  Defense v. Offense.  Last season the championship had a big ole asterisk next to it, as third place Wisconsin had no business being in the game, yet dominated Nebraska along the way.  Now that OSU is off of probation and the Legends Division presents a worthy opponent, there will be no need for any asterisk’s and we should be in for a treat.



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