Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball Predictions // Wins and Losses Pt. 2


7933690-415x250The, let’s call it, first third of the Iowa Basketball season is in the books. And boy was it exciting! Well at least the last half of it was. Confused yet?

Quick review. The Hawks started out the season 5 and 0 to cupcakes like UNC Wilmington and Maryland-Eastern Shore, to name a few. Then they took off to the Bahamas to play in the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament. Things went basically as expected. Almost.

With an exciting opening round overtime victory over Xavier, the Hawks routed UTEP and were poised for what everyone hoped to be a decent matchup and not total bloodbath against Andrew Wiggins and the Kansas Jayhawks. That is until Villanova decided they wanted to play the Hawks in the Championship, beating the Jayhawks in the 2nd round and going on to become your overall tournament champion beating the Hawks in a very exciting overtime match.

So through 8 games – Adam and Nick were spot on predicting the season correctly thus far, 7 wins and 1 loss. Not only does it feel good to be perfect. It feels good to compete again. Oh sorry Nick, I was talking about the Hawks.


For those of you who didn’t follow us following the Hawkeyes football season. Nick was a little off his game this year and finished an embarrassing 5-7. Ouch. While Adam surprisingly picked 9 out of 12 games correctly, becoming your first ever Oh’s Knows Resident College Football Expert!

Please no flash photography.

But this isn’t football! This is basketball. And things get good tomorrow night as the Hawks take on ACC and Catholic opponent Notre Dame in which is sure to make for good television. No need to adjust your television set, there will be a lot of white guys out there.

After the Big Ten/ACC Tournament Challenge, the Hawks wrap up their non-conference schedule with in state rivals Iowa State and Drake as well as two other schools whose names are too long to type out.


Things are going to get interesting. Maybe not here in Part Two, but eventually. Adam and Nick don’t disagree on a lot, but one does believe Iowa has what it takes to beat the Fighting Irish. And he’s been right a lot more this year than the other guy – for those keeping score at home.

The moral of the story, it’s great to be an Iowa Hawkeye. And with basketball relevant again, I can’t wait to get back home so I can watch my mom yell at the radio when Kliff Kingsbury.. err – Zach McCabe misses a wide open three ball from the corner.

Go Hawks!

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