What to watch this Thanksgiving!


You have two choices this weekend.

One, hang out with all the family and talk about what you’re doing in a year, hearing that they can’t believe you’re growing up so quickly, and wondering when you’ll be getting married.301330_10150347611903695_135356403_n

Or, you could cut all family ties and watch the amazing slate of sporting events. Every year Thanksgiving has some NFL games and recently Iowa has started to play on Black Friday.  This year, with the Thanksgiving later than usual, we get rivalry week for college football on Saturday and some of the best matchups you will be seeing all season.

Bonus!  College basketball has tournament time and even better, the Hawks will be playing all weekend!  Dreams really do come true.  Oh yeah and that thing called professional basketball is on too.  You’re sure to catch a good game or two if you desire.

Here’s what to watch on this sports filled weekend of giving thanks to the Pilgrims:


Because I can and I love college basketball more than anything else… (thinking)… yup more than anything else, I am starting this off with the previews of the 3 tournaments to watch this weekend.

Battle 4 Atlantis (Thurs-Sat)c2386576061e705a7a6fcdef816e0b9d33531

  • First round matchups:
  1. KU v. Wake Forest.
  2. Villanovia v. USC.
  3.  Tenn v. UTEP.
  4. Xavier v. Iowa.
  • Favorite = Kansas:  Like that’s saying much.  They’re #2 in the nation and tout one of the best freshman classes.  A win over Duke already on the year has them in prime position to take this tournament with ease.
  • Sleeper = Iowa: Watch out for the Hawks.  They have one of the deepest rosters in the nation, yet haven’t played a team with a pulse yet. Some competition could be a proving ground for this team destined for big things, or it could be a disaster

Old Spice Classic (Thurs-Fri, Sun)OSC_2008logo

  • First round matchups:
  1. Purdue v. Oklahoma St.
  2. Butler v. Washington St.
  3. Memphis v. Siena.
  4. LSU v. St. Joseph’s
  • Favorite = Oklahoma St:  Marcus Smart has this team ranked in the top 5 and anything but a title in this tournament will be a disappointment.
  • Sleeper = LSU: Offensive rebounding and an efficient defense might be enough to help them overcome their lackluster three point shooting and shock the world.

The Wooden Legacy (Thurs-Fri, Sun)WoodenLegacy

  • First round matchups:
  1. Miami v. George Washington.
  2. Marquette v. Cal St. Fullerton.
  3. Charleston v. San Diego St.
  4. Creighton v. Arizona St.
  • Favorite = Creighton: The Blue Jays have one of the best players in college basketball and have played the game the way it should so far this year, landing in the top 10 in points, assists (currently leads), and FG% in per game stats.
  • Sleeper = Arizona St: They already knocked off Marquette earlier this week so the sky is the limit in the tournament for them… as long as they escape the first round matchup with Creighton.


What is the one thing you’re thankful for on Thanksgiving?  Family?  Friends? Health?  Money?  A job?  How about a slate of football games all day?!  They may not be the best games of the week, but with the Cowboys playing, you know at least one game will be close.turkey

  • Packers v. Lions (NFL) – The Scot Tolizen experiment was a dud, but Matt Flynn sure looked good last week.  He’s going to need to work his magic because with Megatron, Stafford, and Bush on the other sideline, you know this one will be a shootout.
  • Raiders v. Cowboys (NFL) – The game this family will be most excited to see better not be much of a game.  Somehow though the Cowboys will keep it interesting until Romo pulls out the win, one can only hope.
  • Steelers v. Ravens (NFL) – Both of these teams were hoping for more this year.  By some miracle, they still both have a chance for the final wild card berth because the AFC is so weak.  Winner sets themselves up perfectly, while loser might as well start playing Madden, because they’d be about as close to the playoffs as they’ll get.thanksgiving-fans-800

Hmm…  Do I want to sit outside in the freezing cold for that TV I don’t need or do I want to watch football?  Like that’s even a question.  Black Friday is meant for football.  I don’t need to deal with the crazies that go out Friday morning.  I get enough stress from self-checkout at Wal-Mart.  I couldn’t handle it.  I’d much rather sit back and watch some football and I think you should too.HGhyveeblack

  • Iowa v. Nebraska (NCAAF) – This rivalry game hasn’t been that great the past two years, but it looks like it’ll be different this year. The Hawks are riding high after a come-from-behind win over the Wolverines last week and are looking to finish the season on a high note with 3 straight wins and an 8-4 record.  The Cornhuskers meanwhile are sitting at 8-3 right now, but it hasn’t looked pretty. They are hoping that they can pull off the win this week and salvage the season and maybe Coach Pelini’s position as head ball coach.
  • Oregon St. v. Oregon (NCAAF) – The Civil War is taking place this week.  No, its not between the North and the South.  Actually this part of the country wasn’t even around during the first Civil War.  Why is their rivalry named after it then?  All confusion aside, last week I would have said this one would be nothing to see, but after Oregon’s loss to Arizona, Oregon St.’s chances got a whole lot better.kevin-durant-nba-playoffs-2013-game-4
  • GS Warriors v. OKC Thunder (NBA) – You get one good game of basketball the day after Thanksgiving, but what else are you going to watch. By the time the game tips off, Oregon will probably be blowing out Oregon St…  Back to basketball though. Two of the top teams in the West face off and its sure to be a good one.  I am fully on board the Warriors band wagon and can’t wait to catch this one.  Steph Curry for President.

When Saturday rolls around, you’ll most certainly be hungover. If you did things right. And you will most certainly have leftovers. If you did things right. It will seem like Monday morning with all the sports that have taken place thus far. But its not. The family is heading back home and you’ve got more football to watch. Oh, and basketball.

  • 1959_Auburn_vs_AlabamaAlabama v. Auburn (NCAAF) – The Iron Bowl.  The West division crown.  National Title implications.  The state of Alabama. It’s all on the line for this one.  Can the Tigers knock off the Crimson Tide and move on to the conference title game?  Will the Crimson Tide get that marquee win and continue to show they are the most recent version of a college football dynasty?  We’ll find out come Saturday.  Can’t wait!
  • 1962_Clemson_vs_South-CarolinaClemson v. South Carolina (NCAAF) – The Battle of the Palmetto State takes place with huge implications for BCS at-large berths.  Clemson won’t be going to the ACC title game, but a win would surely give them an at-large berth.  South Carolina is praying for a Missouri lose, but if that doesn’t happen, could still make it as an at-large team with loses by Auburn this week and Missouri the next.
  • Notre Dame v. Stanford (NCAAF) – I can’t even predict football anymore.  My record for Iowa football shows that.  What I can predict is that this game will be completely unpredictable.  Notre Dame has beaten USC, Arizona St, and Michigan St, yet lost to Michigan and most recently Pitt.  Stanford has beaten Arizona St, Washington, UCLA, Oregon St, and even Oregon, yet lost to Utah and USC.  This one will be good.  I can predict that.
  • Texas A&M v. Missouri (NCAAF) – The two newcomers to the SEC have been absolutely fantastic since the move. Granted A&M is in the midst of a disappointing season and most likely going to lose the most fantastic player college football has seen, but they could still salvage something by knocking of Mizzou.  Meanwhile, a win is all that Mizzou needs to set up a conference title game versus Alabama or Auburn.  Be careful what you wish for.
  • tumblr_lvaruev0Bm1qc7tt1o1_500UCLA v. USC (NCAAF) – The Battle of LA.  No I don’t mean the sneaky good Hollywood movie about an alien attack.  I mean the Bruins and Trojans showdown in the Coliseum.  There is nothing on the line other than bragging rights.  Both teams were hoping for more this season, but going out with a win over a hated conference rival would sure help ease the pain.
  • Houston Rockets v. San Antonio Spurs – If you lived in Central Texas and weren’t going back home for Turkey Day, this might be a good game to go watch. The Spurs, minus Duncan, have looked good this year and the Rockets should be better. Even though I have completely lost all respect for the man, I still want to see Dwight Howard in person. Dude’s a freak of nature. Oh and because I have complete respect for the man, I want to see James Harden in person. #FearTheBeard


Sunday fun day:

  • Horse_fillies_colts_foalsTitans v. Colts (NFL) – Humor me and let me say this is a game to watch this weekend.  I know I’ll be watching.  And praying.  A lot.  Mainly that they can actually look competent because the last 4 weeks have been a disaster.  A Titans win would mean the division is back up for grabs.  Uh-oh.
  • Broncos v. Chiefs (NFL) – This rematch now, actually means something. Even though the Broncos won round one, with both teams losing last week, and the playoffs nearing – things are getting serious. You don’t want that 5th seed in the AFC. Win or probably have a really rough time in the playoffs.
  • gal-december-38-jpgIndiana Pacers v. Los Angeles Clippers (NBA) – Every Sunday morning I wake up before church. And pop in the Larry Legend Documentary. Once it’s finished, I say grace. And it’s off to the temple. Now that Larry Legend is back in Indiana, back with Indiana – I think it’s safe to say this team is going to make moves in the Eastern Conference. Speaking of making moves, the Clippers were suppose too once Doc Rivers came to town. That’s a good start. But Blake Griffin still has room to improve and with Deandre Jordan at center.. Let’s just say it’s know ’08 Celtics. Yeah. I’m not bitter at all. If you are looking for a change of pace, turn the channel over to some round ball and check out this exciting matchup. Amen.

Will you still have leftovers come Monday and or will your significant other still be talking to you? That is the real question here.

  • Saints v. Seahawks (NFL) – The video below is the only thing I know, and you ever need to know about the Saints vs the Seahawks. Happy Holidays!


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