What We Learned // College Football Week 13


Conference title games, or parts of them were set this week.  Ohio St v. Michigan St is a sure fire thing for the Big 10. Arizona St. clinched their spot for the Pac 12 and Florida St did the same in the ACC.  The SEC is still wide open though, as Missouri and South Carolina battle for one spot, while Auburn and Alabama face off in the Iron bowl for the other in the final week of football.  Here’s what else we learned this week:


  • Change is Needed – Non conference football has gotten ridiculous.  Alabama won by 49, Florida St dropped 80, and North Carolina played a ten minute quarter because Old Dominion was so embarrassed.  It’s one thing in September, but never should games be this bad in Week 13.  I can’t wait until it’s gone.
  • 112313-CFB-OKLAHOMA-STATE-CLINT-CHELF-DC-PI_2013112400090981_660_320Title Dreams Crushed – Baylor was riding high all year as Cinderella in the fairy tale Disney movie that is college football.  But on Saturday the clock struck midnight on their dreams to play for a national title game, as Oklahoma St. dismantled them.  They still have one of the most exciting offenses and winning out will most likely put them in a BCS game, but it looks like they’ll have to settle for an at-large birth.
  • Iowa = Second Half Team? – Going into halftime with the Hawks down 14, I wanted to switch the game off and carry on with my life.  I knew the script.  We aren’t a second half team.  There was no chance we were going to comeback.  Then Kirk did something no one could have predicted.  He made changes in the locker room and good ones too!  The Hawks came out with a resurgence and knocked off Michigan and put themselves into contention for the Outback bowl with a win over Nebraska in the process.
  • Cats-WinOregon Can’t Stand the Heat – The Pac 12 title game was given to them on a silver platter.  All they had to do was take care of business in the desert.  They couldn’t get anything going though and didn’t even stand a chance against the Wildcats.  A season that was looking so promising just a few short weeks ago is now looking like a disappointment in Eugene.  At least they have cool uniforms.


Barney Stinson follows a lot of “Bro Codes.”

“A bro will do anything he can to get to the end zone”

Technically that isn’t correct. The real Bro Code Article #85 states “A bro saves a bro from the friend zone.” But, close enough.Brocode_cover

You know who follows the new, updated version of the Football Bro Code? Todd Gurley. He put the team on his back dude.

We talk a lot about legendary around here. We may or may not overuse it. But we do our best to once a week pick that one play you will remember for years. Or days. Hopefully you’ll remember it until next week.

At the end of the year we will (or will not) have a bracket style playoff of the Barney Stinson Most Legendary Play of the Year.. And you better believe Todd here will be in the running for champion.

Channeling is inner, not money taking Reggie Bush – Todd goes airborne, sacrificing his body and doing anything he can to get in to that end zone. Demetry James would be so proud.


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