NFL Power Rankings After Week 12


Much to the delight of Adam, the Colts will not be in the top 10 this week and rightfully so.  They suffered another horrendous loss that does not give one much confidence for the rest of the season.  Speaking of confidence, seems like its back for one Tony Romo who lead the Cowboys on a game-winning drive in the 4th quarter and into the division lead.  If he can continue to play like this, the division might as well be theirs.  The rest of the power rankings had a major shakeup this week.

  1. SeahawksSeattle Seahawks (10-1) LW (4) – The misfortunes of others helped the Seahawks move into first in the power rankings, despite not even playing this week.  Over the bye, two players got suspended again for adderall, or some other drug they decide to say wasn’t steroids.  Seahawk nation better hope it clears up fast as Pete Carroll is known to jump ship just when things start to look bad for him.
  2. SaintsNew Orleans Saints (9-2) LW (3) – They had the perfect chance to move into first in the power rankings, but a performance against the Falcons that left something to be desired has them settling for second.  Granted it was one of those ridiculous Thursday Night Football games, where the only thing entertaining is watching Rich Eisen try to use Dan’s word choice in a sentence and seeing his co-hosts look on in confusion.  Up next for these guys: The Seahawks and a chance to be the best team in the NFC.
  3. BroncosDenver Broncos (9-2) LW (1) – Up 24-0 at half with Peyton Manning as your quarterback is usually reason to think the game is over.  That’s before the resurgence of Tom Brady took the field and tore the Broncos defense apart.  A championship caliber offense needs help from this defense if they want to make a serious title run.
  4. PanthersCarolina Panthers (8-3) LW (5) – No one would have guessed this team would be playing so well so late in the season.  A late win against the lowly Dolphins might not make many people believers, but the fact that it was their 7th straight win should.  The defense is the anchor for this team and as long as Cam Newton can continue to work his magic, this team is a force to be reckoned with.
  5. PatriotsNew England Patriots (8-3) LW (6) – All season long we’ve been wondering what happened to Tom Brady.  Is he sick?  Did Gisele rub it in his face she makes more money?  Did he lose his UGG sponsorship?  We had no idea.  Well Tom Brady proved he’s over whatever was causing him to perform so poorly at the start of the year and at a perfect time.  Every team in the AFC should be concerned because Brady’s back!
  6. CheifsKansas City Chiefs (9-2) LW (2) – Things can really change quickly.  Just two weeks ago, the ’72 Dolphins might have been holding their breathe a little bit.  After an understandable loss at Denver, the Chiefs dropped a game at home to the game’s most average quarterback, Phillip Rivers.  The more concerning thing is that top pass rushers Tamba Hali and Justin Houston were lost in this game and may miss next week’s matchup against the Broncos.  Yikes!
  7. NinersSan Francisco 49ers (7-4) LW (8) – No one can say they are surprised that the 49ers dominated the Redskins on Monday Night Football.  The surprising thing is that Colin Kaepernick finally looked like a competent quarterback, throwing 3 TDs in the game. If this is a sign of a turnaround, then watch out for this team down the homestretch and into the playoffs.
  8. BengalsCincinnati Bengals (7-4) LW (9) – Being on a bye and the fact that they’re the Bengals means there isn’t much to talk about here.  Uhh, they have a ginger quarterback.  Marvin Lewis is somehow still coach.  Giovanni Bernard’s bye means that Adam lost in fantasy this week.  About all I’ve got.  They play the Chargers next week. Yay!
  9. CardinalsArizona Cardinals (7-4) LW (NR) – Do I really have to write about them?  I mean like honestly, it was depressing enough already.  Alright they got their first marquee win since the Panthers in week 5, but can we even call the Colts a marquee team anymore? Ahh this is depressing.  Bruce Arians is a traitor.  I’m done.  Oestreich out.
  10. CowboysDallas Cowboys (6-5) LW (NR) * – Look who snuck into the rankings this week.  It might have been definitely is out of pitty for Adam and mainly so he’d get off my case, but what can I say, the Cowboys looked good this week.  They dominated and then almost let the game get away and that’s when they finally did what good teams are known to do; pull out the win in crunch time.  Don’t look now, but one of the most talented teams in football might actually make a playoff run.

Not gonna lie. I thought this video below, at first glance, was Ronde Barber giving Seattle Seahawk’s Richard Sherman a “Drug Test”.. would have made for better television..

*Editors Note: This won’t last long. Nice gesture though Nick. (I think he’s trying to get his Christmas Presents back after knocking me out of our Fantasy Football playoffs.. eh – may not be enough.)


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