LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #15 // Brother on Brother Crime (11-24-13)


5-apps-all-NBA-basketball-fans-need-on-their-phonesA somber opening, to this week’s podcast – as Nick defeats Adam in Fantasy Football this weekend, revenging his Championship lost last year and knocking Adam out of this years playoffs. The guys also discuss the poor play of the Colts (they can’t make this week’s Power Rankings can they?) as well as how it feels to be a Cowboys fan. Again. The Cowboys did win – but it didn’t feel like a win. The guys also talk about Iowa’s big win over the Wolverines then discuss the fact that the NBA season started without anyone really knowing, HAIM’s performance on Saturday Night Live and an idea for a 2014 Running Contest between the two, to see who runs more/farther. Wrapping things up Adam reveals his plan to become famous and  they talk about plans for Thanksgiving the the Brry Scurry!

Michigan v Iowa

Adam did lose to Nick in Fantasy Football, demanding numerous drinks bought to smooth things over come Christmas time. Also, didn’t feel overly excited about the Cowboy’s victory.

Nick did beat Adam in Fantasy Football, and is kind of sad about knocking the one Oestreich who had a chance to make the playoffs out – but not too sad. Also, is devastated by the play of the Colts.

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