I only watch Documentaries, and Trash TV // Room 237


Most of the time I watch trash television. But not always. Because luckily, television is getting better. But a long time ago I made the proclamation that “I only watch Documentaries, and trash TV.” So today we bring you another of many documentary reviews to come. Cheers!room-237-final-theatrical-poster

TITLE: Room 237

RUN TIME: 102 minutes



BACKSTORY: Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? To be honest, it took a good month or two to sit back and hit play on Netflix for Room 237. After finally watching “The Shining” and being more confused than scared. I read numerous reviews online about Room 237. Most along the lines of, “Why waste your time, this movie is garbage.” Only a few like, “It was pretty decent.” I still wanted to see for myself. The best part about Room 237 is my ongoing quest, neh journey to prove that you can turn almost anything in to anything. In laymen’s terms? This documentary was interesting, because four different human’s tried to make the case for what Stanley Kubrick was trying to say about the movie. Was he talking about government? No it was about Nazi Germany. Well it was about the killing of the Native Americans. But it was also a bit about.. You get the picture. Honestly, I love conspiracies. And after further review, they made some pretty compelling arguments. It is widely known that Kubrick is a genius, and living with mere mortals. He made a lot, a lot of great movies and maybe he was just messing with us. Maybe was in on the moon landing and this was mocking the fact that he got away with? Who knows?! This was a little hard to follow. But again, maybe Kubrick just made a movie and all these things just happened to coincide. Just like how I take credit for my player having a big game after I bench him in Fantasy Football, you can basically make anything happen out of a few random events and coincidences. I wouldn’t say this movie was a waste of time. But it was interesting. And if you like “The Shining.” Eh – you might enjoy this. Or would you?


BUT NOT BETTER THAN: WWE: The nWo Revolution



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