Looking Ahead to the Lucky Number 13th Week of College Football


*100th career Oh’s Knows post.. Seems like it was just yesterday. Double lucky!

The end of the season always brings big time games to the plate… well unless you’re in the top 3.  On paper, Chattanooga, Alabama’s opponent, is 8-3.  Then you realize that yeah, that’s in the FCS.  Not good.  Florida St may be playing just as bad of a team, as 1-9 Idaho comes into town.  Looks like there will be plenty of time for another round of hangman on the Seminoles sidelines.  Ohio St. at least has a conference game so it’s not exactly their fault the Big 10 is awful with Indiana coming into town.  But alas, there are some decent games to keep you busy this weekend.  Here’s what to watch in week 13:


  • Michigan v. Iowa – Expect a nice brisk game this Saturday when the Wolverines make an appearance at Kinnick Stadium, where they’ve played fairly poorly in recent years.  It must have something to do with the pink locker room.  Nevertheless, both teams have something to prove this week, which should make for a good game.  The Hawks have a chance to go 8-4 this year and show that they’ve turned the corner from last year.  On the other hand, what does Michigan have left to prove you ask?  Oh yeah, just that they aren’t as terrible as they’ve looked in recent memory.  Good luck with that.  Go Hawks!
  • Minnesota v. Wisconsin – This could be the first time in umm ever, that both teams in this matchup are ranked.  The Golden Gophers would love nothing more than to crush the BCS dreams of the rival Badgers, while those pesky Badgers want to prove that the Gophers aren’t actually as good as the record shows.  Get ready for some good ole Big 10 football.-2230ac2713c34521
  • SEC Showdowns – Has there been a week this year that hasn’t had a fantastic SEC matchup.  This week we are lucky enough to get two.  It starts at 2:30, when A&M travels to Death Valley to take on LSU.  Both of these teams could have just as easily been perched atop the division right now, but are instead battling to stay relevant.  A loss for the Tigers would put them below .500, while an A&M loss would diminish the already slim chances for Johnny Football to get his 2nd Heisman.  The other newcomer from the Big 12, Missouri, travels to Mississippi to take on, umm, what’s Ole Miss’ mascot again?  Nevermind.  Its not important.  Anyways, Missouri needs to win out to take the division, whereas Ole Miss just wants to prove that they can contend with the top dogs of the SEC.
  • 7821206Arizona St v. UCLA – Big time Pac 12 South division (take notes Big 10; geography is key) implications.  Win and you’re in for the Sun Devils.  A loss, however, would set up a crazy three way scenario for rivalry week.  UCLA and USC both need the Bruins to win so that they can continue to keep those ever so slim chances of a Pac 12 title game afloat.
  • Baylor v. Oklahoma St – This could be it.  The Big 12 Championship could be determined this weekend.  Grab your popcorn and a Bud and get ready for the best game of the weekend.  The Bears travel to Stillwater to take on the Cowboys.  A Baylor win will continue to solidify their status in the BCS standings and, barring a setback against UT, would give them the conference crown.  Meanwhile, Oklahoma St. would also put the ball in their court (have basketball on my mind) for the conference title.

Oklahoma State v Baylor


Pretty much laid it out for you. Stay away from the top teams in the nation this week. Be cultured. Watch some other games you may not watch. Don’t care if you roll tide or like potatoes. Alabama v Chattanooga and Florida State v Idaho should have no place at the table. For anyone.

Watch this clip instead. Tell me you aren’t jacked up and didn’t cry a single tear. And I’ll show you a liar.

Oh – and always, always remember. “The NCAA will be testing on Saturday.”


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