What We Learned // College Football Week 12


Corso claimed that he thinks Michigan could loss out, and Kirk didn’t disagree.  That turned the Saturday into a win, even with the Hawks on a bye.  The Wolverines somehow still came away with the win against Northwestern, who is terrible in their own regard, proving you can’t always trust a 78 year old man who has more energy than anyone else I know.  Also in Big 10 play, the Spartans knocked off their last true test (sorry Minnesota) before the title game and the Buckeyes continued to beat everyone in their path, almost guaranteeing a showdown in Indy.  For the non-Big 10 fans, here’s what we learned elsewhere:

  • Not Just A Basketball School – Your 2013 ACC Coastal division leaders are… the Duke Blue Devils.  Take a moment.  Let that sink in.  Yes, the Blue Devils are the best team in their division for FOOTBALL.  It’s hard to fathom that this team is for real, but the 48-30 trouncing of the Hurricanes proved that the road to Florida State’s title game hope could very well lead through Duke.
  • dt.common.streams.StreamServerAuburn Believes in Miracles – The chances for a win looked very bleak for the Tigers as Aaron Murray had a Mike Winchell-esque TD run with less than 2 minutes to go to put the Bulldogs up by one.  And they looked even more bleak for the Tigers when they faced a 4th and 18, with 30 seconds to play.  That’s when the “Prayer in Jordan-Hare” was launched by Nick Marshall.  Instead of just batting the ball down, two Bulldogs d-backs battled for the interception and tipped the ball right into Ricardo Louis’ hands with a clear path to the endzone in plain sight.  The rest is history.  Boy is the Iron Bowl going to be good.
  • Texas was Overmatched – The Longhorns looked like most people had thought they would all season.  The hopes of an undefeated conference face off versus Baylor were crushed by the Cowboys, as they dismantled them, 38-13.  Mack has to hope his team can pull off the win this week against Texas Tech, before an almost guaranteed loss against Baylor is ensured.  It’s his only hope to actually hang onto this job.ed-orgeron-usc-trojans-opposite-lane-kiffin
  • USC Still Has a Chance – Ed O has his team believing, something Lane Kiffin could never do.  After an upset win over the Cardinal, the Trojans still have a chance at the division title.  If that’s the case, it may be hard for the team to look anywhere but to Coach O for the new head coaching job.


The War Eagles had a heck of a week. Heck of a play. Heck of a. But was it legendary? I mean.. It was more lucky, than legendary.

We’ve seen a lot this year. Back to back punt returns. One handed grabs. Crazy spin moves and dominating runs. Even a few defenses got in on the action. But what about some good old fashioned big hits?

barney-stinson-suit-upYes we know. You can’t hit anyone any more. Anywhere. There’s a strike zone, and it shrinks more and more every week. It’s hard to hit guys anymore without getting a penalty. Gone are the days of Bob Sanders crushing people. No more “Jacked Up” segments on Sunday NFL Countdown. Those were the days.

If you are a Jackass fan like myself, you’ve surely seen the skit where Johnny Knoxville went to USC practice and returned a few punts, err tried to return punts but instead got completely lit up – numerous times. Ouch.

But that’s why you call fair catch. Apparently they don’t teach that in the State of Mississippi. And we thank you Brandon Holloway, because if it wasn’t for your lack of common sense, we wouldn’t have seen Christion Jones completely lay you out. Legally. No flag on this play. No ejections. No whining. Just good old fashioned football.

It’s a violent sport. You’re going to get hit. Going to get crushed. So we thank you Christion for showing us just how to legally and legendarily hit some mofo who forgot to call a fair catch when 11 dudes are running down the field trying to kill him.

Disclaimer: There were no Brandon Holloway’s hurt in the making of this post.


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