What We Learned // College Football Week 11


Finally a shakeup in the BCS.  The Ducks were sent packing in the late edition of Thursday night football, after the Bears’ domination of OU.  Famous Jaemis lead his team to an easy victory and the #2 spot in the BCS polls.  Here’s what we learned this week.


  • Stanford’s One of the Best – Stanford put on a show for the home crowd and showed their worth one Thursday night, albeit a late rally by Oregon in the 4th made this one closer than it actually was.  They’ve now beaten five ranked opponents and one has to wonder if they could jump one of the unbeatens in the BCS rankings.  It might be hard for them, however, considering they lost to the lowly Utes of Utah.
  • Baylor Passes First Test – What was more impressive in this one?  The offense or defense?  While the O sputtered in their first couple of drives, the D contained the Sooners’ attack.  At the end of the 2nd quarter the offense finally turned it around and scored on 3 straight drives to basically put this one in the bag.  Up next are the slipping Red Raiders.1110_SPO_FOOTBALL_11-1024x711
  • Bowl Eligible – The Hawks became bowl eligible this weekend with a big win over the Boilermakers. Looking at the record (6-4), some may say this season has been kind of disappointing.  However, considering how close the games have been and the combined opponents’ record of our losses (32-3), I’d say it’s been a pretty good year for a young team.  “In Kirk We Trust!”
  • The Best Around – After that dominating performance over LSU can one even make a case that there is anyone better than the Bama.  Yes, if the Aggies had a defense they might have lost, but we can’t count that against them.  They’ve beaten every team on their schedule since and beaten them handily.  They have two weeks before they play another tough matchup; at Auburn. #RollTide



Because how often are you going to hear, “Muffs it.” And “Take it all the way,” in the same sentence? Gross.


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