Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball Predictions // Wins and Losses Pt. 1


IOWA MEN'S BASKETBALL MEDIA DAYFootball season is starting to wind down. Well not quite – but basketball season is starting, and I didn’t know what else to say there.

Adam is dominating Nick in his season predictions for the Iowa Football team, 8-1 as of today – with a not very confident pick in Northwestern beating Iowa, so he might as well be undefeated. Nick is doing terrible. He’s almost as bad as the Dallas Cowboys. Under .500 is never good.

Basketball is a new season though, new beginnings and new hope!

Since the season is almost three times as long, we won’t dedicate a pod to it. We won’t even dedicate a column to it. “Wait, what? This is basketball not baseball – the season isn’t that long!”

Settle down kids.

We’re breaking this up into a few parts. Atleast 3. Maybe 4. We’ll see if we have time.

The first third/quarter of the season is non-conference with a nice little treat of a tournament in the Bahamas.


Could be a good start Hawkeyes! A fairly decent non-conference schedule with the possibility of zero defeats.

Oh you are curious about that L on the 30th in the Bahamas. Ah yes – well if the Hawks make it to the championship game, they’d play a little team from Lawrence. That would be the Kansas Jayhawks. The #5 Nationally ranked Jayhawks with one Andrew “Riggin” for Wiggins.Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 6.51.19 PM

Let’s just hope we can keep it close. Like 20 points close.

All in all, the Oh’s Knows bros actually picked the season outcome almost exact! Same final record with 23 wins on the season. Wishful thinking? Perhaps.

They didn’t predict all the same Wins and Losses – but we will get to that later.

Here’s to a great season of basketball Hawks. After all, when the football team isn’t good – basketball always is. Maybe we should lose out the rest of the season..

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