NFL Power Rankings After Week 9


It was a week where anything was possible.  The Bucs had the game against the Seahawks won, until the players realized winning would only keep Greg Schiano around longer.  Andrew Luck performed magic once again and the JETS continued to shock us.  Thoughts and prayers go out to Gary Kubiak and John Fox on speedy recoveries.


  1. CheifsKansas City Chiefs – Quick, how many people had the Chiefs having the best record in the NFL going into their bye week?  No one?  Can’t say I’m surprised.  This bye comes at a perfect time too as they are going to need every second of the next two weeks to prepare for their trip to Denver to face off against Peyton.
  2. BroncosDenver Broncos – Right off of a bye, Denver faces a brutal stretch.  A trap game against the resurgence of Phil Rivers is next on the plate and if they are too busy looking ahead to the KC showdown, they may just fall in this one.
  3. ColtsIndianapolis Colts – What happened in the first half?  Case Keenum dismantled this defense and if it weren’t for Wade Phillips having to call plays in the second half, Andrew Luck may have never had a chance to pull off one of his patented 4th quarter comebacks.  The schedule sets up nicely in the next couple of weeks and they better work on that defense if they really want to contend in the AFC.
  4. NinersSan Francisco 49ers – In Harbaugh’s case, he is hoping that the bye hasn’t cooled off his team, as they rattled off 5 straight after losing to two of the best teams in football.  A game against those frisky panthers looking to prove their worth awaits them this week.
  5. SaintsNew Orleans Saints – Going 2-2 against the AFC East is not what Sean Payton had in mind before the start of the season.  America’s team comes to town this week and we could see a high scoring affair, as long the Saints don’t have a hangover.
  6. PatriotsNew England Patriots – Tom Brady finally looked like himself.  He must have gotten a little jealous of Gisele’s new spread and wanted to prove himself to her.  Either way, he has a week to rest and think of ways to repeat that 400 yard, 4 TD performance against the Steelers.
  7. SeahawksSeattle Seahawks – Seattle I do not hate you, but what is going on right now?  A week after needing a goal line stand to beat the lowly Rams, they needed overtime to beat, wait for it. You’re not going to believe me when I tell you this; the dysfunctional Bucs! So Percy, you’re coming back soon, right?
  8. BengalsCincinnati Bengals – An overtime safety is not a normal occurrence (it’s only happened 3 times), but that is exactly what happened to the Bengals this week.  And not in a good way.  However, the state of the division shouldn’t have them too concerned and as long as they get through the next two weeks, Baltimore and Cleveland, they should have it in the bag.
  9. LionsDetroit Lions – It’s hard to really “win” the bye week, but if it’s possible the Lions definitely did.  With the Bears’ upset of the Packers, the Lions move into first place with the tiebrakers and with both teams starting backup QBs for the next three weeks, they can really widen the gap in the division.
  10. JetsNew York Jets* – This has been a roller coaster year for the Jets, as they have alternated wins and losses every week.  However, having two of those wins be over the Patriots and Saints really has them on the right track, at least for one week.

*Wait. What?

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