Listen: Oh’s Knows #12 // House, Road House (11-3-13)


GreatMoustDetectiveIt’s a spook-tastic episode. It wasn’t Halloween themed, but after a long weekend and a day of recovery – the Oh’s Knows brothers talk about almost everything under the sun. They open up talking about Fantasy Football as they were both in a heated matchup against fellow league family members. While watching the Patriots roll up the Steelers, they also recap the Hawk’s second half woes, the Dallas Cowboys and Adam tries to rewrite the playoffs for professional sports. It doesn’t go well. They also talk about watching classic 80’s movies and go over their favorite Disney movies of all-time!

Adam continues to mis-manage his Fantasy Football team and is the reason why Tom Brady had a huge week, because he benched him. You’re welcome Patriots fans. Also, would have to say A Goofy Movie is his all-time favorite Disney movie.

Nick has the highest scoring week out of anybody, and still almost loses. Also, just watched the The Great Mouse Detective – so he’d have to say it is his favorite Disney movie of all-time. But sometimes he gets confused on the difference between Disney and Pixar movies.Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 9.13.03 PM

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