I Only Watch Documentaries, and Trash TV // Sound City


Most of the time I watch trash television. But not always. Because luckily, television is getting better. But a long time ago I made the proclamation that “I only watch Documentaries, and trash TV.” So today we bring you the first of many, documentary reviews. Cheers!


Sound-City-posterTITLE: Sound City

RUN TIME: 108 minutes

AVAILABLE ON: Amazon Prime


BACKSTORY: Sound City is a historic recording studio in Los Angeles that has featured some of the greatest musicians of all-time. Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Barry Manilow and Johnny Cash to name a few. Sound City tells the story of how the greatest recording studio ever rose to stardom, and then fell to grace when everything went digital. Although a story about music, it becomes a love story combined with the fact that some of the coolest people in the world are hanging out together (which at time blows your mind), creating great music and helping save a very important machine that has made some of the best music in the world. As told by Dave Grohl.

IT’S BETTER THAN: Shut Up and Play The Hits

BUT NOT BETTER THAN: Searching for Sugarman



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