Looking Ahead to the 10th Week of College Football


It’s Halloween so that means this should be a real spooktacular version of what to watch, right?  Wrong!  Its all business here and we like to take things seriously at all times.  Wait a minute… Those ACL videos hit the web? Oh boy. (Got off track there, sorry)  Anyways, we have a rivalry week slate of games kind of like Freddy v. Jason.  See we can make Halloween references.  Here’s watch to watch this weekend: dm_131019_cgd_murray_clemson_exit_interview

  • 4cbdacf8e8474.preview-300Wisconsin v. Iowa – The rivalry is back!  Since the Big Ten tried to kill this game by not scheduling it for the past TWO years, things have changed a bit.  Gone is the tiger hawk tattooed coach, Bret Bielema, and in is Gary Andersen.  He is hoping his first visit to Kinnick and the Heartland Trophy doesn’t leave a sour taste in his mouth as his Badgers are trying to keep that BCS dream still in their mind.  The Hawks are a win away from bowl eligibility and continuing to improve.  Winner of this one will hold the overall series bragging rights as it sits at 42-42-2 as of now.
  • Michigan v. Michigan St. – Two Big Ten games to watch in one week?  This must be some kind of record (my bias has nothing to do with it, I swear).  The Spartans were an after thought to some at the beginning of the year, but now hold the division (looking up the name is exhausting) lead halfway through the Big Ten season.  Michigan has not looked as good as some might have thought, but a win in this one puts them tied upon the top of the division.npaBUK
  • Miami v. Florida St. – This may be one of the most exciting rivalries in recent memory, but don’t tell the special teams that.  You may remember Wide Right I and II.  If you don’t, no worries, we have Wide Right III and IV for ya.  Oh yeah and Wide Left.  What? There was the Miami Muff too?  Geeze, can anyone on these teams make a field goal?!  This year however, it may not matter as Famous Jaemis looks to continue his dominance, keep his team on track for the title game, and his trip to NYC for that thing called the Heisman.  Miami is looking to take themselves back to the glory days and a win here surely would do that. This is a game that you can’t miss.
  • Oklahoma St. v. Texas Tech – The little conference that no one talks about has 5 teams still left in contention, including these two.  However, each holding one loss means that the loser in this one will fall off the pace and out of contention for the Big 12 title.  Kliff Kingsbury hopes his team can rebound from their first defeat, while Mike Gundy still wants everyone to know he’s a man, and he’s over 40.

Oh’s Knows’ The Steve Lattimer Game of the Weak:

THE #21 MICHIGAN WOLVERINES (6-1) at THE #22 MICHIGAN STATE SPARTANS (7-1): You heard it here first ladies.


This isn’t even going to be close.

The Spartans are going to whoop up on them Wolverines. Oh yeah. You don’t even need to watch the game.

Believe me. We here at ESU played Michigan once. Yeah. We lost. But still.

It was only by 4. And I may or may not have had a few concussions that game.

Either way. You don’t even need to watch this game. No seriously. You don’t need to watch. Spartans. All the way. Michigan State has the number one defense in the league. The whole league. I played defense. I owned the defense.

Listen. Defense wins you championships. And if that does’t work. There’s always performance enhancers. I mean seriously people don’t test for those anymore right?

All I’m saying is that the Wolverines are overrated. They’ve played no one this year. Oh yeah Notre Dame? Like I said. No one.

Stay away from this game. It will be a slugfest and ugly. I usually never pick on the big guys. Usually those smaller schools with zero wins. But that’s too easy. I’m going out on a limb this weekend.

I could be wrong. But it’s never happened before.

No place at the table for this game. None.

In all seriousness though,  we are pretty sure – “The NCAA will be testing on Saturday.”


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