It all comes down to this // Jimmie v. Kenseth – #NASCAR


There are only 3 races left in the Race for the Chase Championship. Experts would tell you that it’s a 2 man race. And they may be right. But there are few other guys who might have a shot.183312

With only Texas, Phoenix and Miami left on the schedule. Jimmie Johnson and Matt Kenseth are tied for the lead and in both in the driver’s seat to win it all. While you would think it’s a toss up on who would win – we will convince you otherwise.

And Nick here will try and tell you why Jimmie is guaranteed his 6th Championship. While Adam knows exactly why Kenseth is poised to win. As well as the other driver they think could come out of nowhere and ruin the favorites chances.

Here we go.

THE CASE FOR JIMMIE, as told by Nick O:

Mathematically there are still five guys who actually have a chance to win the Cup with three races remaining.  But we all know that mathematics doesn’t factor everything in.  Like being a 5 time champion.  Yeah Jimmie is going to win it again this year, and it’s really not much of a debate.

What-if-there-was-no-Jimmie-Johnson-and-Chad-KnausTexas is up this week and for everyone with a short term memory and for those who could care less about NASCAR, Jimmie won this race last year.  So far in the Chase he’s averaged a finish of 5.4 (which is pretty good).  He has the best owner (Rick Hendrick), the best crew chief (Chad Knaus), and he’s just the best around town.

Listen Kenseth is great. Looking fantastic this year.  But he just doesn’t have it in him.  When it comes down to the final 3 races, the pressure piles on.  One speeding penalty; one misstep and your chances vanish quicker than Martin Truex’s NAPA sponsorship.  Jimmie has done this 5 times!  Pressure doesn’t faze him.

Oh and did I mention one of his best tracks is next week?  Phoenix is to him like Earnhardt’s are to racing.  It comes natural.  Yes, he didn’t do so hot in that one last year, but sh*t happens sometimes to even the best.  It doesn’t matter though.  This year he’s focused.  You can just tell he wants this one bad; to be considered one of the immortals of NASCAR (that’s a thing, right?).

Thanks for showing up Kenseth, but we’ll take it from here.  And by it, I mean the 6th title.  Man, Jimmie is going to need a bigger trophy chase.

THE CASE FOR KENSETH, as told by Adam O:

I’m not about to throw out some crazy stats or saber metrics to you here. I’ll just give you the facts. And a few stats.Matt+Kenseth+Camping+World+RV+Sales+500+LUXofQH1nnJx-e1383147495912

Matt Kenseth has quietly been the most dominant driver of the entire year. In a year, when he hasn’t been that great. Kenseth has won 7 races this year, led over 1,600 laps and only has an average finish of 12.

12. That’s not good. But he wins when he needs to, and when the times get tough – this dude gets going.

During the summer, Kenseth had 3 of his 7 impressive victories sprinkled on top of a horrific few months of racing including finishes in the 20’s and 30’s, as well as one 40th place finish. Ouch. Yet he is still here. Not only tied for the Championship, but he owns the tiebreaker due to the fact that he has 2 more wins than JJ.

He’s normally known has Mr. Consistent. But this year, he’s Mr. Big Time. Mr. Clutch. Mr. “Going to Pull a Win out of My Butt When it Needs to be done.”

Yes I know. Jimmie has a boat load of championships, and a great team and great crew chief, etc. But Kenseth does have one thing going for him. And even though there are no home field advantages in NASCAR – I’d say its safe to say there’s one big advantage in the final three races.102613-Nascar-Wins-Needed-PI-AA_20131026102720201_335_220

Nobody wants Jimmie Johnson to win. Unless you hopped on the Hendricks bandwagon years ago. No fans want Jimmie to win. I guess they may not want Kenseth to win either. In fact they are still praying there’s still a chance Junior can win. (Sorry rednecks it can’t happen) But at the end of the day, Kenseth is the favorite.

Or at least not the non-favorite. And Mr. Big Time is bringing it home this year.

THE OUTSIDERS – Jeff Gordon, as told by Nick O:

1382988339000-10-28-13-jeff-gordon-wifeSo Adam has this thing where he’s making me choose the one guy who could come out of nowhere and win.  Like I stated above, there is not a chance for Kenseth, let alone someone 27 points back.  Just to humor him and ensure I receive a Christmas present this year, I’ll pick that one guy that if unforeseen circumstances arise, such as a crash occurring or a meteor striking Jimmie’s car, could win.

I love you Jeff, but you have about as good a chance as Lloyd Christmas does with Mary Swanson.  I guess one in a million is good enough and you did just win for the first time this year, so you have the all powerful momentum on your side.  Jeff is on the “Drive 4 Five” train.  He’s been my favorite driver sense I watched NASCAR so it shouldn’t come as a surprise he is the one guy I think has an outside shot at a title.  Becoming the 13th driver in the Chase has rejuvenated him.  Now it’s time to prove his worth before “Father Time” strikes midnight.

THE OUTSIDERS – Kevin Harvickas told by Adam O:

I’ve been up all night, and I’m pretty sure Dale Jr. can’t win this year. I’ve crunched a lot of numbers and tried to call a lot of high ranking officials at NASCAR. It can’t happen. And not that I don’t think this can happen – because unlike Nick I have faith in my favorite drivers, here is the case for Harvick winning it all still this year.103013-Nascar-Dillon-Harvick-OLD-VS-NEW-DG-PI_20131030220410505_660_320

Yes – it didn’t help that he called out his bosses grandchildren this past weekend. And I can’t think of any other professional where that can happen and you still keep your job, but it happened. And it happened because Harvick has been one of the best drivers who haven’t won a championship in the past few years. I know that’s like saying you are the best backup center in the league. But he’s right there. He’s been right there.

And no matter what he thinks of his bosses grandchildren, he still likes his boss. He wants to win for his boss. It is his last year at RCR and what better way to go out then on top? You got this Harv. Win one for the gipper. And me, so I can give everyone at every bar I go to for the next 4 months a Budweiser bath.


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