A very Cowboys Thanksgiving!


With Thanksgiving comes mashed potatoes and gravy. Friends and family, possibly yelling at each other. Green been casserole, stuffing, pumpkin pie and if you are lucky, a 12 pack of beer all to yourself. And of course The Dallas Cowboys. Oh and Turkey.PHO-07Nov22-95113

Did you know that since 1966 The Dallas Cowboys have played 45 games on Thanksgiving day? Did you also know that in 1975 the NFL thought it would be a good idea to make the St. Louis Cardinals (not the baseball team) the Thanksgiving Day host? That wasn’t a popular decision and in 1978 they quickly made the Cowboys the host team again. Forever.

Good call.

Since 1966, the Cowboys have a record of 29 Wins, 15 Losses and 1 Tie on those Thanksgiving Day games. Not to shabby.

If you were born after 1990 you probably don’t know that the Cowboys actually use to be a pretty dominant team. Earning them the name “America’s Team, earning them that very prolific Thanksgiving day game. The Cowboys use to be a perennial playoff contender. Not as of a late. But I promise they were.. Kid who just bought his first legal beer.

The Dallas Cowboys have 30 career Playoff Appearances. They have won the NFC East 21 times and have 10 Conference Championships as well as 5 Super Bowl Championships. Which was a league best until those pesky Steelers won their 6th just a few years ago.

The Dallas Cowboys have played a lot on Thanksgiving, that is for sure. But what does playing on Thanksgiving have to do with there playoff success? Well, we had a lot of time on our hands and wanted to find just that out. We went back and took a look at every Thanksgiving game that took place in the same year that the Cowboys made the playoffs. Take a look:


1966 – Dallas Cowboys beat the Cleveland Browns, 26 to 14

  • NFL Eastern Champion

1967 – Dallas Cowboys beat the St. Louis Cardinals, 46 to 21

  • NFL Capitol Champion
  • NFL Eastern Champion

1968 – Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins, 29 to 20

  • NFL Capitol Championfirst-landing-pilgrims-hus1-57

1969 – Dallas Cowboys tie the San Francisco 49ers, 24 all

  • NFL Capitol Champion

1970 – Dallas Cowboys beat the Green Bay Packers, 16 to 3

  • NFC East Champion
  • NFC Conference Champion

1971 – Dallas Cowboys beat the Los Angeles Rams, 28 to 21

  • NFC East Champion
  • NFC Conference Champion
  • Super Bowl Champion

1972 – Dallas Cowboys lose to the San Francisco 49ers, 31 to 10

  • NFC East Champion

1973 – Dallas Cowboys lose to the Miami Dolphins, 14 to 7

  • NFC East Champion

1975 – No Thanksgiving Day Game

  • NFC Conference Champion

1976 – Dallas Cowboys beat the St. Louis Cardinals, 19 to 14

  • NFC East Champion

1977 – No Thanksgiving Day Game

  • NFC East Champion
  • NFC Conference Champion
  • Super Bowl Champion

1978 – Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins, 37 to 10

  • NFC East Champion
  • NFC Conference ChampionThanksgiving-Day-football-Houston-vs-dallas

1979 – Dallas Cowboys lose to the Houston Oilers, 30 to 24

  • NFC East Champion

1981 – Dallas Cowboys beat the Chicago Bears, 10 to 9

  • NFC East Champion

1982 – Dallas Cowboys beat the Cleveland Browns, 31 to 14

1983 – Dallas Cowboys beat the St. Louis Cardinals, 35 to 17

1985 – Dallas Cowboys beat the St. Louis Cardinals, 35 to 17

  • NFC East Champion

1991 – Dallas Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, 20 to 10

1992 – Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Giants, 30 to 3

  • NFC East Champion
  • NFC Conference Champion
  • Super Bowl Champion2726430-COWBOYS-LETT-11_25_1993

1993 – Dallas Cowboys lose to the Miami Dolphins, 16 to 14

  • NFC East Champion
  • NFC Conference Champion
  • Super Bowl Champion

1994 – Dallas Cowboys beat the Green Bay Packers, 42 to 31

  • NFC East Champion

1995 – Dallas Cowboys beat the Kansas City Chiefs, 24 to 12

  • NFC East Champion
  • NFC Conference Champion
  • Super Bowl Champion

1996 – Dallas Cowboys beat the Washington Redskins, 21 to 10

  • NFC East Champion

1998 – Dallas Cowboys lose to the Minnesota Vikings, 46 to 36

  • NFC East Champion

1999 – Dallas Cowboys beat the Miami Dolphins, 20 to 0

2003 – Dallas Cowboys lose to the Miami Dolphins, 40 to 21

2006 – Dallas Cowboys beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 38 to 10

2007 – Dallas Cowboys beat the New York Jets, 34 to 3

  • NFC East Champion

2009 – Dallas Cowboys beat the Oakland Raiders, 24 to 7

  • NFC East Champion

So what does that all mean?


Who knows. But I do know that the Cowboys beat the Oakland Raiders this past Thanksgiving Day 31-24. And the last time the Cowboys beat the Raiders on Thanksgiving Day, they went on to win the NFC East.


And in those 30 playoff appearances, the Cowboys won 20 Thanksgiving Day games. So if my college math serves me right, that means  when the Cowboys win on Turkey Day, they have a 67% chance of making the Playoffs.


And that currently, the Cowboys have a commanding lead (1/2 a game plus tie breakers) in the NFC East. With 21 Division Championships, the Cowboys won 14 times on Thanksgiving Day games. Using my long division table I saved from middle school, that means when the Cowboys win on Turkey Day, they have a 67% chance of winning the NFC East.


Also, when you date back to 1966, the Cowboys very first Thanksgiving Day game, they have 10 Conference Championships. Out of those 10 Conference Championships, the Cowboys only played on Thanksgiving 8 times., but racked up an impressive 7 wins and only 1 loss. Which I think means that if the Cowboys win on turkey Day, they have a 88% chance of winning the NFC.17_1995_Irvin_Michael_12


What about the Super Bowl you ask? What about the Super Bowl! The 5 time World Champion Dallas Cowboys only played 4 times on the Day we give our Thanks. And, out of those 4 games, they went on to win 3 games which I don’t even remember – I’m sure they were great though. What does that mean you ask? Well if I can count my fingers correctly, that means that when the Cowboys win on Turkey Day, they have a 75% chance of winning the Super Bowl.

Oh yes – New York here we come!

Now if you have half a brain, you’ve realized – that those odds are not correct. Well, technically they are correct because even your little sister could tell you that 3 out of 4 is 75%, as long as she had a dollar worth of quarters. What I mean is that isn’t exactly how you calculate the odds of the Cowboys making it to the playoffs and winning games. I don’t know how you actually calculate them. This isn’t ESPN. Sorry man, I got a C in college math just like you did.

My brother is the mathematician, but he’s still hungover from his Black Friday day of shopping.

Okay we don’t care. Seriously man what does that all mean? I’ve come this far you’ve got to have some grand finish to this right?

No not really. All I know is that if you take a look at how the Cowboys have done historically on the day we celebrate a bunch of Europeans landing on Plymouth Rock, it just means good things happen. So I’ve got a good feeling about how the rest of the season is going to shape up and you should too.f785f0393cff79358fadbf0e230f9b955f3f5603

What’s that you say? Oh, Jerry Jones still runs the team? And Jason Garrett is still head coach? Oh and your defensive coordinator may or may not have been alive for the past 6 weeks?

Oh. Yeah. About that.

Well we may be 2-7 in the playoffs since our last Super Bowl victory. But anything is possible. The NFC East is a joke. And and if we can get healthy and stop giving up 40 first downs to teams, who knows. We may just get hot and make a run in the playoffs.

Or lose in the first round.

Either way. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Go Cowboys.

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What to watch this Thanksgiving!


You have two choices this weekend.

One, hang out with all the family and talk about what you’re doing in a year, hearing that they can’t believe you’re growing up so quickly, and wondering when you’ll be getting married.301330_10150347611903695_135356403_n

Or, you could cut all family ties and watch the amazing slate of sporting events. Every year Thanksgiving has some NFL games and recently Iowa has started to play on Black Friday.  This year, with the Thanksgiving later than usual, we get rivalry week for college football on Saturday and some of the best matchups you will be seeing all season.

Bonus!  College basketball has tournament time and even better, the Hawks will be playing all weekend!  Dreams really do come true.  Oh yeah and that thing called professional basketball is on too.  You’re sure to catch a good game or two if you desire.

Here’s what to watch on this sports filled weekend of giving thanks to the Pilgrims:


Because I can and I love college basketball more than anything else… (thinking)… yup more than anything else, I am starting this off with the previews of the 3 tournaments to watch this weekend.

Battle 4 Atlantis (Thurs-Sat)c2386576061e705a7a6fcdef816e0b9d33531

  • First round matchups:
  1. KU v. Wake Forest.
  2. Villanovia v. USC.
  3.  Tenn v. UTEP.
  4. Xavier v. Iowa.
  • Favorite = Kansas:  Like that’s saying much.  They’re #2 in the nation and tout one of the best freshman classes.  A win over Duke already on the year has them in prime position to take this tournament with ease.
  • Sleeper = Iowa: Watch out for the Hawks.  They have one of the deepest rosters in the nation, yet haven’t played a team with a pulse yet. Some competition could be a proving ground for this team destined for big things, or it could be a disaster

Old Spice Classic (Thurs-Fri, Sun)OSC_2008logo

  • First round matchups:
  1. Purdue v. Oklahoma St.
  2. Butler v. Washington St.
  3. Memphis v. Siena.
  4. LSU v. St. Joseph’s
  • Favorite = Oklahoma St:  Marcus Smart has this team ranked in the top 5 and anything but a title in this tournament will be a disappointment.
  • Sleeper = LSU: Offensive rebounding and an efficient defense might be enough to help them overcome their lackluster three point shooting and shock the world.

The Wooden Legacy (Thurs-Fri, Sun)WoodenLegacy

  • First round matchups:
  1. Miami v. George Washington.
  2. Marquette v. Cal St. Fullerton.
  3. Charleston v. San Diego St.
  4. Creighton v. Arizona St.
  • Favorite = Creighton: The Blue Jays have one of the best players in college basketball and have played the game the way it should so far this year, landing in the top 10 in points, assists (currently leads), and FG% in per game stats.
  • Sleeper = Arizona St: They already knocked off Marquette earlier this week so the sky is the limit in the tournament for them… as long as they escape the first round matchup with Creighton.


What is the one thing you’re thankful for on Thanksgiving?  Family?  Friends? Health?  Money?  A job?  How about a slate of football games all day?!  They may not be the best games of the week, but with the Cowboys playing, you know at least one game will be close.turkey

  • Packers v. Lions (NFL) – The Scot Tolizen experiment was a dud, but Matt Flynn sure looked good last week.  He’s going to need to work his magic because with Megatron, Stafford, and Bush on the other sideline, you know this one will be a shootout.
  • Raiders v. Cowboys (NFL) – The game this family will be most excited to see better not be much of a game.  Somehow though the Cowboys will keep it interesting until Romo pulls out the win, one can only hope.
  • Steelers v. Ravens (NFL) – Both of these teams were hoping for more this year.  By some miracle, they still both have a chance for the final wild card berth because the AFC is so weak.  Winner sets themselves up perfectly, while loser might as well start playing Madden, because they’d be about as close to the playoffs as they’ll get.thanksgiving-fans-800

Hmm…  Do I want to sit outside in the freezing cold for that TV I don’t need or do I want to watch football?  Like that’s even a question.  Black Friday is meant for football.  I don’t need to deal with the crazies that go out Friday morning.  I get enough stress from self-checkout at Wal-Mart.  I couldn’t handle it.  I’d much rather sit back and watch some football and I think you should too.HGhyveeblack

  • Iowa v. Nebraska (NCAAF) – This rivalry game hasn’t been that great the past two years, but it looks like it’ll be different this year. The Hawks are riding high after a come-from-behind win over the Wolverines last week and are looking to finish the season on a high note with 3 straight wins and an 8-4 record.  The Cornhuskers meanwhile are sitting at 8-3 right now, but it hasn’t looked pretty. They are hoping that they can pull off the win this week and salvage the season and maybe Coach Pelini’s position as head ball coach.
  • Oregon St. v. Oregon (NCAAF) – The Civil War is taking place this week.  No, its not between the North and the South.  Actually this part of the country wasn’t even around during the first Civil War.  Why is their rivalry named after it then?  All confusion aside, last week I would have said this one would be nothing to see, but after Oregon’s loss to Arizona, Oregon St.’s chances got a whole lot better.kevin-durant-nba-playoffs-2013-game-4
  • GS Warriors v. OKC Thunder (NBA) – You get one good game of basketball the day after Thanksgiving, but what else are you going to watch. By the time the game tips off, Oregon will probably be blowing out Oregon St…  Back to basketball though. Two of the top teams in the West face off and its sure to be a good one.  I am fully on board the Warriors band wagon and can’t wait to catch this one.  Steph Curry for President.

When Saturday rolls around, you’ll most certainly be hungover. If you did things right. And you will most certainly have leftovers. If you did things right. It will seem like Monday morning with all the sports that have taken place thus far. But its not. The family is heading back home and you’ve got more football to watch. Oh, and basketball.

  • 1959_Auburn_vs_AlabamaAlabama v. Auburn (NCAAF) – The Iron Bowl.  The West division crown.  National Title implications.  The state of Alabama. It’s all on the line for this one.  Can the Tigers knock off the Crimson Tide and move on to the conference title game?  Will the Crimson Tide get that marquee win and continue to show they are the most recent version of a college football dynasty?  We’ll find out come Saturday.  Can’t wait!
  • 1962_Clemson_vs_South-CarolinaClemson v. South Carolina (NCAAF) – The Battle of the Palmetto State takes place with huge implications for BCS at-large berths.  Clemson won’t be going to the ACC title game, but a win would surely give them an at-large berth.  South Carolina is praying for a Missouri lose, but if that doesn’t happen, could still make it as an at-large team with loses by Auburn this week and Missouri the next.
  • Notre Dame v. Stanford (NCAAF) – I can’t even predict football anymore.  My record for Iowa football shows that.  What I can predict is that this game will be completely unpredictable.  Notre Dame has beaten USC, Arizona St, and Michigan St, yet lost to Michigan and most recently Pitt.  Stanford has beaten Arizona St, Washington, UCLA, Oregon St, and even Oregon, yet lost to Utah and USC.  This one will be good.  I can predict that.
  • Texas A&M v. Missouri (NCAAF) – The two newcomers to the SEC have been absolutely fantastic since the move. Granted A&M is in the midst of a disappointing season and most likely going to lose the most fantastic player college football has seen, but they could still salvage something by knocking of Mizzou.  Meanwhile, a win is all that Mizzou needs to set up a conference title game versus Alabama or Auburn.  Be careful what you wish for.
  • tumblr_lvaruev0Bm1qc7tt1o1_500UCLA v. USC (NCAAF) – The Battle of LA.  No I don’t mean the sneaky good Hollywood movie about an alien attack.  I mean the Bruins and Trojans showdown in the Coliseum.  There is nothing on the line other than bragging rights.  Both teams were hoping for more this season, but going out with a win over a hated conference rival would sure help ease the pain.
  • Houston Rockets v. San Antonio Spurs – If you lived in Central Texas and weren’t going back home for Turkey Day, this might be a good game to go watch. The Spurs, minus Duncan, have looked good this year and the Rockets should be better. Even though I have completely lost all respect for the man, I still want to see Dwight Howard in person. Dude’s a freak of nature. Oh and because I have complete respect for the man, I want to see James Harden in person. #FearTheBeard


Sunday fun day:

  • Horse_fillies_colts_foalsTitans v. Colts (NFL) – Humor me and let me say this is a game to watch this weekend.  I know I’ll be watching.  And praying.  A lot.  Mainly that they can actually look competent because the last 4 weeks have been a disaster.  A Titans win would mean the division is back up for grabs.  Uh-oh.
  • Broncos v. Chiefs (NFL) – This rematch now, actually means something. Even though the Broncos won round one, with both teams losing last week, and the playoffs nearing – things are getting serious. You don’t want that 5th seed in the AFC. Win or probably have a really rough time in the playoffs.
  • gal-december-38-jpgIndiana Pacers v. Los Angeles Clippers (NBA) – Every Sunday morning I wake up before church. And pop in the Larry Legend Documentary. Once it’s finished, I say grace. And it’s off to the temple. Now that Larry Legend is back in Indiana, back with Indiana – I think it’s safe to say this team is going to make moves in the Eastern Conference. Speaking of making moves, the Clippers were suppose too once Doc Rivers came to town. That’s a good start. But Blake Griffin still has room to improve and with Deandre Jordan at center.. Let’s just say it’s know ’08 Celtics. Yeah. I’m not bitter at all. If you are looking for a change of pace, turn the channel over to some round ball and check out this exciting matchup. Amen.

Will you still have leftovers come Monday and or will your significant other still be talking to you? That is the real question here.

  • Saints v. Seahawks (NFL) – The video below is the only thing I know, and you ever need to know about the Saints vs the Seahawks. Happy Holidays!

What We Learned // College Football Week 13


Conference title games, or parts of them were set this week.  Ohio St v. Michigan St is a sure fire thing for the Big 10. Arizona St. clinched their spot for the Pac 12 and Florida St did the same in the ACC.  The SEC is still wide open though, as Missouri and South Carolina battle for one spot, while Auburn and Alabama face off in the Iron bowl for the other in the final week of football.  Here’s what else we learned this week:


  • Change is Needed – Non conference football has gotten ridiculous.  Alabama won by 49, Florida St dropped 80, and North Carolina played a ten minute quarter because Old Dominion was so embarrassed.  It’s one thing in September, but never should games be this bad in Week 13.  I can’t wait until it’s gone.
  • 112313-CFB-OKLAHOMA-STATE-CLINT-CHELF-DC-PI_2013112400090981_660_320Title Dreams Crushed – Baylor was riding high all year as Cinderella in the fairy tale Disney movie that is college football.  But on Saturday the clock struck midnight on their dreams to play for a national title game, as Oklahoma St. dismantled them.  They still have one of the most exciting offenses and winning out will most likely put them in a BCS game, but it looks like they’ll have to settle for an at-large birth.
  • Iowa = Second Half Team? – Going into halftime with the Hawks down 14, I wanted to switch the game off and carry on with my life.  I knew the script.  We aren’t a second half team.  There was no chance we were going to comeback.  Then Kirk did something no one could have predicted.  He made changes in the locker room and good ones too!  The Hawks came out with a resurgence and knocked off Michigan and put themselves into contention for the Outback bowl with a win over Nebraska in the process.
  • Cats-WinOregon Can’t Stand the Heat – The Pac 12 title game was given to them on a silver platter.  All they had to do was take care of business in the desert.  They couldn’t get anything going though and didn’t even stand a chance against the Wildcats.  A season that was looking so promising just a few short weeks ago is now looking like a disappointment in Eugene.  At least they have cool uniforms.


Barney Stinson follows a lot of “Bro Codes.”

“A bro will do anything he can to get to the end zone”

Technically that isn’t correct. The real Bro Code Article #85 states “A bro saves a bro from the friend zone.” But, close enough.Brocode_cover

You know who follows the new, updated version of the Football Bro Code? Todd Gurley. He put the team on his back dude.

We talk a lot about legendary around here. We may or may not overuse it. But we do our best to once a week pick that one play you will remember for years. Or days. Hopefully you’ll remember it until next week.

At the end of the year we will (or will not) have a bracket style playoff of the Barney Stinson Most Legendary Play of the Year.. And you better believe Todd here will be in the running for champion.

Channeling is inner, not money taking Reggie Bush – Todd goes airborne, sacrificing his body and doing anything he can to get in to that end zone. Demetry James would be so proud.

NFL Power Rankings After Week 12


Much to the delight of Adam, the Colts will not be in the top 10 this week and rightfully so.  They suffered another horrendous loss that does not give one much confidence for the rest of the season.  Speaking of confidence, seems like its back for one Tony Romo who lead the Cowboys on a game-winning drive in the 4th quarter and into the division lead.  If he can continue to play like this, the division might as well be theirs.  The rest of the power rankings had a major shakeup this week.

  1. SeahawksSeattle Seahawks (10-1) LW (4) – The misfortunes of others helped the Seahawks move into first in the power rankings, despite not even playing this week.  Over the bye, two players got suspended again for adderall, or some other drug they decide to say wasn’t steroids.  Seahawk nation better hope it clears up fast as Pete Carroll is known to jump ship just when things start to look bad for him.
  2. SaintsNew Orleans Saints (9-2) LW (3) – They had the perfect chance to move into first in the power rankings, but a performance against the Falcons that left something to be desired has them settling for second.  Granted it was one of those ridiculous Thursday Night Football games, where the only thing entertaining is watching Rich Eisen try to use Dan’s word choice in a sentence and seeing his co-hosts look on in confusion.  Up next for these guys: The Seahawks and a chance to be the best team in the NFC.
  3. BroncosDenver Broncos (9-2) LW (1) – Up 24-0 at half with Peyton Manning as your quarterback is usually reason to think the game is over.  That’s before the resurgence of Tom Brady took the field and tore the Broncos defense apart.  A championship caliber offense needs help from this defense if they want to make a serious title run.
  4. PanthersCarolina Panthers (8-3) LW (5) – No one would have guessed this team would be playing so well so late in the season.  A late win against the lowly Dolphins might not make many people believers, but the fact that it was their 7th straight win should.  The defense is the anchor for this team and as long as Cam Newton can continue to work his magic, this team is a force to be reckoned with.
  5. PatriotsNew England Patriots (8-3) LW (6) – All season long we’ve been wondering what happened to Tom Brady.  Is he sick?  Did Gisele rub it in his face she makes more money?  Did he lose his UGG sponsorship?  We had no idea.  Well Tom Brady proved he’s over whatever was causing him to perform so poorly at the start of the year and at a perfect time.  Every team in the AFC should be concerned because Brady’s back!
  6. CheifsKansas City Chiefs (9-2) LW (2) – Things can really change quickly.  Just two weeks ago, the ’72 Dolphins might have been holding their breathe a little bit.  After an understandable loss at Denver, the Chiefs dropped a game at home to the game’s most average quarterback, Phillip Rivers.  The more concerning thing is that top pass rushers Tamba Hali and Justin Houston were lost in this game and may miss next week’s matchup against the Broncos.  Yikes!
  7. NinersSan Francisco 49ers (7-4) LW (8) – No one can say they are surprised that the 49ers dominated the Redskins on Monday Night Football.  The surprising thing is that Colin Kaepernick finally looked like a competent quarterback, throwing 3 TDs in the game. If this is a sign of a turnaround, then watch out for this team down the homestretch and into the playoffs.
  8. BengalsCincinnati Bengals (7-4) LW (9) – Being on a bye and the fact that they’re the Bengals means there isn’t much to talk about here.  Uhh, they have a ginger quarterback.  Marvin Lewis is somehow still coach.  Giovanni Bernard’s bye means that Adam lost in fantasy this week.  About all I’ve got.  They play the Chargers next week. Yay!
  9. CardinalsArizona Cardinals (7-4) LW (NR) – Do I really have to write about them?  I mean like honestly, it was depressing enough already.  Alright they got their first marquee win since the Panthers in week 5, but can we even call the Colts a marquee team anymore? Ahh this is depressing.  Bruce Arians is a traitor.  I’m done.  Oestreich out.
  10. CowboysDallas Cowboys (6-5) LW (NR) * – Look who snuck into the rankings this week.  It might have been definitely is out of pitty for Adam and mainly so he’d get off my case, but what can I say, the Cowboys looked good this week.  They dominated and then almost let the game get away and that’s when they finally did what good teams are known to do; pull out the win in crunch time.  Don’t look now, but one of the most talented teams in football might actually make a playoff run.

Not gonna lie. I thought this video below, at first glance, was Ronde Barber giving Seattle Seahawk’s Richard Sherman a “Drug Test”.. would have made for better television..

*Editors Note: This won’t last long. Nice gesture though Nick. (I think he’s trying to get his Christmas Presents back after knocking me out of our Fantasy Football playoffs.. eh – may not be enough.)

LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #15 // Brother on Brother Crime (11-24-13)


5-apps-all-NBA-basketball-fans-need-on-their-phonesA somber opening, to this week’s podcast – as Nick defeats Adam in Fantasy Football this weekend, revenging his Championship lost last year and knocking Adam out of this years playoffs. The guys also discuss the poor play of the Colts (they can’t make this week’s Power Rankings can they?) as well as how it feels to be a Cowboys fan. Again. The Cowboys did win – but it didn’t feel like a win. The guys also talk about Iowa’s big win over the Wolverines then discuss the fact that the NBA season started without anyone really knowing, HAIM’s performance on Saturday Night Live and an idea for a 2014 Running Contest between the two, to see who runs more/farther. Wrapping things up Adam reveals his plan to become famous and  they talk about plans for Thanksgiving the the Brry Scurry!

Michigan v Iowa

Adam did lose to Nick in Fantasy Football, demanding numerous drinks bought to smooth things over come Christmas time. Also, didn’t feel overly excited about the Cowboy’s victory.

Nick did beat Adam in Fantasy Football, and is kind of sad about knocking the one Oestreich who had a chance to make the playoffs out – but not too sad. Also, is devastated by the play of the Colts.

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Best and Worst of the Weekend



BEST // Former Iowa High School prep, Marcus Paige, drops 32 in UNC’s upset victory overr #3 Louisville.

WORST // The Indianapolis Colts. Unforgivable.


BEST // HAIM performing on Saturday Night Live a few hours after the Hawkeyes beat the Wolverines in Football.

WORST // No NASCAR. And a devastating blow to Fantasy Football, freshly served by my brother. 

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I only watch Documentaries, and Trash TV // Room 237


Most of the time I watch trash television. But not always. Because luckily, television is getting better. But a long time ago I made the proclamation that “I only watch Documentaries, and trash TV.” So today we bring you another of many documentary reviews to come. Cheers!room-237-final-theatrical-poster

TITLE: Room 237

RUN TIME: 102 minutes



BACKSTORY: Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? To be honest, it took a good month or two to sit back and hit play on Netflix for Room 237. After finally watching “The Shining” and being more confused than scared. I read numerous reviews online about Room 237. Most along the lines of, “Why waste your time, this movie is garbage.” Only a few like, “It was pretty decent.” I still wanted to see for myself. The best part about Room 237 is my ongoing quest, neh journey to prove that you can turn almost anything in to anything. In laymen’s terms? This documentary was interesting, because four different human’s tried to make the case for what Stanley Kubrick was trying to say about the movie. Was he talking about government? No it was about Nazi Germany. Well it was about the killing of the Native Americans. But it was also a bit about.. You get the picture. Honestly, I love conspiracies. And after further review, they made some pretty compelling arguments. It is widely known that Kubrick is a genius, and living with mere mortals. He made a lot, a lot of great movies and maybe he was just messing with us. Maybe was in on the moon landing and this was mocking the fact that he got away with? Who knows?! This was a little hard to follow. But again, maybe Kubrick just made a movie and all these things just happened to coincide. Just like how I take credit for my player having a big game after I bench him in Fantasy Football, you can basically make anything happen out of a few random events and coincidences. I wouldn’t say this movie was a waste of time. But it was interesting. And if you like “The Shining.” Eh – you might enjoy this. Or would you?


BUT NOT BETTER THAN: WWE: The nWo Revolution