What We Learned // College Football Week 9


I first want to apologize to anyone who watched the PSU v. OSU game on my recommendation.  I learned that was quickly an ugly game to catch and didn’t stay tuned in for very long.  The Hawks kept their bowl dreams alive and the Crimson Tide continued to dominate by so much that I have yet to be able to include them in most columns.

  • USATSI_7513955_crop_exactUnbeaten No More – Missouri seemingly had this game in the bag heading into the 4th quarter before allowing South Carolina to take it to overtime.  The Gamecocks pulled out the win after the Mizzou kicker doinked his game tying field goal off the left upright (much to the delight of every KU fan).  Meanwhile, in the Big 12, Texas Tech suffered their first defeat at the hands of the Sooners.  It was a well fought game, but in the end, first year coach Kliff Kingsbury couldn’t do enough to get his Red Raiders the victory.
  • The Rule of 21 – After three quarters, the Oregon Ducks only led the UCLA Bruins by 7 points, thinking that they may have an actual battle in the 4th for once.  Mariota quickly squashed the hopes and dreams of the Bruins as the Ducks scored 3 TDs in the 4th.  The 28 point win means they still haven’t had a margin of victory that is less than 21.  Impressive.
  • Close, but No Cigar – Stanford continues to enjoy keeping things close to the chest, as they defeated Oregon St by only one score.  It has cost them once before, but it may be the only way they’ll have a chance in two weeks versus the Ducks.  On the other coast, the final hurdle for FSU almost tripped up as the Hurricanes needed a touchdown in the final minute to put away Wake Forest.  It was the second straight week they needed a final minute TD for the win, but if they want to make it 3, they’ll have to step it up next week against the ‘Noles.

Badgers Big Ten Championship

  • Big 10 Title Half Set – It may be early, but I’d feel comfortable putting the Buckeyes in the title game come December.  They just dominated their last worthy opponent until Michigan and even with a loss in that one, they own the tiebreaker over the Badgers.  The only question left is, “Will they be winners of 24 straight when they arrive?”


barney-stinsonLast week we went against South Carolina. This week – you got it South Carolina. Holy big win.

It takes a lot to get on Barney Stinson’s Legendary Play of the Week. I thought long an hard about the kid Allen Robinson from Penn State who had the great catch and across field run, cut back, touchdown. But you can’t be honored with an award like this and lose the game 63-14. Garbage time touchdowns don’t get you legendary status.

Missouri has more than Branson, and Yakov Smirnoff. They’ve been playing some football lately. But how do you give up a 17-0 in the 4th? C’mon Tigers!

This week’s recipient of the play of the week goes to the entire South Carolina Football team. You guys just get it. You know how the old saying goes, “Hard work beats talent – not always.” Luck is sometimes on your side. Either way. Congrats Gamecocks.

Legen-I really hope you aren’t lactose intolerant-dary.


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