NFL Power Rankings, After Week 8


Not much changed this week as most of the favorites pulled out victories.  We saw the continued demise of the Falcons and Texans, two teams firmly placed in almost all playoff pictures, and a state of complete disarray in the NFC East.  Here’s on the rankings stack up:

  1. CheifsKansas City Chiefs – They may not be a pretty 8-0, but they are still undefeated.  Once again facing off against a less than stellar quarterback, the Chiefs cut it close.  The magic might be showing signs of wearing off, but until that happens, there’s still plenty of room aboard this bandwagon.
  2. ColtsIndianapolis Colts – A much needed bye week was used to find who is going to fill the void of the team’s most reliable receiver in Reggie Wayne, that was placed on IR.  Former first round pick, Darrius Heyward-Bay needs to step up if this team wants to hang with the AFC’s best in the second half.
  3. BroncosDenver Broncos – Were the Broncos that good, or the Washington football team that bad?  After trailing 21-14 going into the fourth quarter, Peyton decided to step up and Mike Shanahan decided to crumble in his old stomping grounds.  Even with the 31 point fourth quarter outburst, the Broncos are continuing to show signs of flaws that need fixing if a long playoff run is going to be in the cards.
  4. SaintsNew Orleans Saints – The Saints are continuing to look like the best of the best in the NFC.  Another dominating performance by Brees has this team sitting pretty atop the division.  To think, they’re one magical Tom Brady play away from being undefeated.
  5. NinersSan Francisco 49ers – Jim Haurbaugh must have put “Michael’s Secret Stuff” in the water bottles in the past 5 weeks because no team has looked as dominating as the 49ers.  The passing game stills leaves room for desire, but the running game is the best in the game and keeping this team in Super Bowl talks heading into the bye week.
  6. BengalsCincinnati Bengals – After surviving three straight weeks of close contests, the Bengals decided enough is enough.  They came out and put a stomping on the Jets and Andy Dalton threw 5 touchdowns!  This kid is finally proving he may have that something special and the Bengals are looking to have the division in the bag.
  7. SeahawksSeattle Seahawks – Yes, they did win and yes they are 7-1, but needing a goal stand against Kellen Clemens to win should not be the case… ever!  And someone explain to me how Marshawn Lynch only gained 23 yards against a team that allows 116 yards a game!  Enough with my rant, Seahawks you deserve the fall in the rankings.
  8. PatriotsNew England Patriots – A 14 point deficit and only 59 total yards left the home team faithful disgruntled at halftime.  Bill Belichick worked his magic over the break and the Patriots roared out of the gates to leave the 3rd ahead of their division foe and on their way to victory.  They do continue to win, but it looks like we are slowly seeing the end of a dynasty.
  9. PackersGreen Bay Packers – The offense is finally starting to look like less of a one-trick pony and more of a finely tuned machine.  They rank 5th in passing yards and 3rd in rushing yards, as they gave the RBs the rock more than they did Rodgers this week as they pulled out the victory.  Its that kind of versatility that is going to help them contend with the NFCs best.
  10. LionsDetroit Lions – The Lions outsmarted the Cowboys to pull out the improbable victory and gain the final spot on the rankings.  Megatron racked up over 300 yards receiving in this game alone and the Lions are looking good heading into their bye.


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