LISTEN: Oh’s Knows #11 // Passion Doesn’t Equal Wins 10-27-13


52570e99ce2a4.preview-620It’s time for some Hoops! Basketball season is right around the corner and in today’s podcast the boys break down the Iowa Hawkeyes basketball season. Will this be the year to they return to the Big Dance? Let’s hope so! The guys also talk about who they think will make the NBA Finals and discuss the ridiculousness that is the Pelicans. They also talk about the big win Iowa had against Northwestern foe, some NASCAR highlights as well as family fantasy implications, and at the tale end of the show Adam goes on a rant about the Dallas Cowboys and how he thinks he is smarter than your average NFL player.

Adam likes Iowa’s chances against the non-conference and might even be looking at an upset against KU in the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament. Also, thinks the Heat will repeat by beating the Clippers in the finals. But watch out for Memphis!

Nick is very confident in Iowa’s season and even sees a 23-7 season on the horizon with some dominant conference play. Also, knows the Heat will win it all again, probably against the Thunder. But watch out for the Warriors!ce8c0__miami_heat_2013

And, after reviewing the tape – Adam picked Iowa to lose to Northwestern this year, sorry Hawks. Oh, but so did Nick. Adam moves to 7-1 on the season while Nick is more like the Cowboys, 4-4.

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