Looking ahead to the 9th week of College Football


The first BCS standings were unleashed and as per usual, the talks of which undefeated team will be left out of the title game have begun.  Good news is that usually these things sort themselves out and 4 of the remaining undefeated teams face tough competition this week.  Oh and the Hawks play the Wildcats who’ve forgot how to win in the conference (not worthy of a what to watch needless to say):


  • TTU v. Oklahoma – Are the Red Raiders for real?  They’re undefeated, but now play the hardest part of their schedule.  A win in Norman would prove they’re worth.  The Sooners, on the other hand, are just wanting to stay in contention and prove that the their past two games were an anomaly and not how the rest of the season will look.
  • UCLA v. Oregonucla-vs-oregon-ncaa – Luckily for UCLA they’re in the weak south division, but dropping a second straight conference game would not bode well for them.  However, this week won’t be any easier as the closest any team has come to the Ducks is 3 TDs.  Good Luck!
  • South Carolina v. Mizzou – A team of destiny or a team of luck? The polls have loved what the Tigers have done the past two weeks.  They’re looking to end this 3 week gauntlet of SEC games with a win over South Carolina and prove they deserve the hype.  “The Old Ball Coach” said that Connor Shaw won’t be starting and Clowney hasn’t decided if he is free this Saturday so the Tigers could once again be playing a shorthanded team.
  • ohiostatePenn St v. Ohio St. – The battle of the Big Ten’s most corrupt programs face off in the ABC prime time game this week.  Ohio St spent three quarters letting the Hawks hang around, before finally deciding to seal the deal.  Penn St has a little more talent and the Buckeyes will need to play better this week if they want to hang on to those oh so slim title game aspirations.
  • Stanford v. Oregon St. – Oregon St. has quietly perched atop the division standings with in-state rival Oregon and ahead of this weeks foe in Standford.  All I can say Standford is that whether it was the first week of the year or not, you can’t loss to a team that lost to Eastern Washington!  Must be the reason why people still aren’t saying much about the Beavers.

Oh’s Knows’ The Steve Lattimer Game of the Weak:


Western Michigan has zero wins.

Massachusetts has one win. They beat Miami. Of Ohio.

Miami of Ohio has zero wins.

That’s only 1 win in 21 games.

Catch my drift.

I am sorry for dragging you into this Miami of Ohio. You have your own problems.

All I know about these two programs is that Iowa dropped a 59 burger on the Broncos earlier this season, including two pick sixes and two punt returns for touchdowns.

And the University of Massachusetts may still be under probation due to John Calipari. Oh wait that’s basketball.tumblr_lowvtqFM3v1qgj47l

There’s no place at our tables for this game at our house. And there shouldn’t be at your house.

They probably won’t be testing at this game on Saturday, cause not many people will be there..

But for everyone else, remember, “The NCAA will be testing on Saturday.”

1 for 21.

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