Parks and Rec on Hiatus? I don’t think so.. But maybe?


Hiatus: a gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break.

The other night, as I tucked my dog into bed at 1:30am and started to fire up Netflix to watch as much of a Parks and Recreation episode I had already seen for as long as possible, I decided to check the twitter and see if there was anything worthwhile going on that I needed to know before I dreamt away.

I came across a tweet from a girl I may or may not know that read:


I immediately clicked the link and began to read. Cry. Yell and want to know more.

For those of you who didn’t read the article. It goes a little something like this.. Cliff notes version.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 12.44.30 AM

Basically – Parks and Rec would immediately put on hiatus. Due to terrible NBC shows be cancelled, no more The Office and people for some reason enjoying The Voice, Parks and Rec would be put on hold.

Over the next few months to close out the year, there may – if we’re lucky, be a total of 4 new episodes of Parks and Rec. Devastation. If you are familiar with the show Community, you know how this feels.parks-and-recreation-amy-poehlerjpg-48b5cd31c4b82d50_large

Basically the moral of the story, according to Josef Adalian and Vulture who put out this article, NBC isn’t thrilled with the numbers Parks and Rec is bringing in and would really like people to try and watch Michael J. Fox’s show (fair) and that gay guy from Will and Grace’s new show (eh).

For those loyal fans like myself, who have loved Parks and Rec from day one – like me, you probably through your laptop on the ground, burned down your apartment and went on a drinking and drug fueled rampage around town.

Not all of that happened. But you know what I’m getting at.

Smash cut to the morning when the same person I was trying to start an online #SaveParksAndRec petition at 3am recommended I take a look at a few nice things the wonderful Adam Scott recently tweeted.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 12.58.01 AM

So Parks and Rec isn’t on hiatus?

Technically. Wait – what does hiatus mean again?

Hiatus: a gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break.

Technically. Parks and Rec is on a hiatus. There will be a few gaps between now and the next new episodes, and then another gap before new episodes, with one more gap between new episodes.

You follow?ronsworschach-ronswanson-rorschach-watchmen-01

Next airing of Parks and Recreation, will be on November 14th. And we get two. Win.

But after that it is going to be some time. Again, after learning what the word hiatus actually means I learned a few things.

  • I won’t be getting my fix of new Parks and Rec before the new year.
  • This is exactly what happened last year, which sounds right – but I can’t remember because I have slept since then.
  • Don’t compare shows to Community, because they got the ultimate ring around the rosey by NBC.

Moral of the story?

  1. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.
  2. Don’t overact immediately to things you read on the internet.
  3. Probably not a good idea to aggressively tweet at NBC in the middle of the night after a few heavy beers about how bad they are at making decisions. And picking shows. NBC isn’t putting Parks and Recreation on a hiatus because it isn’t doing well, or because it’s going to get cancelled. It’s because they are not smart.

I get a little defensive about my television shows. Especially this one, which seems to not get the due it needs. It has a good following, maybe not a huge one, but a good one.

downloadAs I re-watch season 4 while I write this, it is important to know that while NBC plays reruns of Cee-Lo Green slipping girls drugs.. I mean The Voice, you can watch Parks and Recreation all day every day on repeat via Netflix.

Or listen to Nick Offerman do a podcast or two on the Nerdist. You won’t be disappointed. He’s got a new book out too. Fantastic.

Or watch Aubrey Plaza in Safety Not Guaranteed.

Or watch old SNL skits with Amy Poehler.

Or catch one of Aziz’s stand-up routines.

What I am trying to say is that is isn’t the end of the world peeps. I thought it was. But it was late. And I was drunk.

This happened before, we made it out alive, and we can do it again. I am now taking a hiatus.


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