What we learned // College Football Week 8


In the words of Muse (still on my ACL high), this week, “some kind of madness has started to evolve.”  Top teams fell left and right and there was a major shake-up in the SEC.  Oh and some guy named Duzey almost helped the Hawks shock the world.


  • Famous Jaemis – This kid is for real.  It wasn’t even a contest, as they absolutely dismantled the Tigers.  Can Alabama lose already so we can set up a national title game/battle for the Heisman between Jameis Winston and his Noles versus Marcus Mariota and his Ducks.  Boy would that be a game to see.
  • Favorites Fall – The SEC was madness on Saturday.  Ole Miss toppled LSU, Auburn outscored A&M, Tennessee overpowered the Gamecocks, and Vanderbilt upset Georgia.  Oh yeah, and they were by a combined 13 points!  At the beginning of the year, many would have said Mizzou over Florida would have been an upset too.  Now they’re happily positioned in the top 5 and control their destiny to the SEC title game.NCAA Football: Iowa State at Baylor
  • New Look Big 12 – The top two teams in the conference; your Baylor Bears and Texas Tech Raiders.  Read that sentence again.  I promise there are no typos.  No one would have predicted this at the beginning of the year as the Bears are in the top 10 for passing yards, rushing yards, points for, AND points against.  Meanwhile, the Red Raiders are 2nd in passing yards and 15th and 16th in points for and against, respectively.  The next 3-4 weeks will decide the conference crown as the top 5 teams will have almost all have faced off.
  • Light at the End of the Tunnel – Yes our Hawks did lose this week, but would anyone have predicted they’d travel to the shoe and dominate the first half and hold a tie going into the 4th quarter.  There are definitely still things to improve on, mainly stopped a quarterback from running 46 yards around the field to get a 10 yard gain and first down.  A winnable game against the Wildcats at home awaits them this week.



Boy. Was it a great weekend for College Football. I mean these are the weekends we live for right? Call the wife, tell her – listen babe, I’m not coming home tonight. Order another round and kick up your feet at the bar and watch the night games. Just a few more hours.

With all these great games, we had some great plays as well.

You had a few kickoff returns for touchdowns by the Baylor Bears. But.. They were playing Iowa State. That’s not that special. I mean they have  a fiery coach – but sorry Cyclones fans, that’s not going to win you games. And it’s not gonna help your opponents earn a spot in the Barney Stinson Legendary play of the week.

Ohio State didn’t have many big plays, surprisingly enough, but Carlos Hyde did have a nice touchdown run breaking a handful of tackles against the Hawks this weekend. It was nice. But c’mon Hyde you shoulda been doing that all day long. Not this week.

Ole Miss had a big win and a nice pick. Jameis Winston is making it hard to not put him back in here. And some Stanford kid who apparently didn’t go to the school for academics made a heck of a one-handed grab. I even saw some guy make a pretty awesome two-handed catch this weekend. Do they still do that anymore?

None of those really do it for us you know.jadeveon-clowney

The South Carolina v. Tennessee game – there we go! Jadeveon Clowney had some big hits this weekend – finally. But sorry Jadeveon, that didn’t help you win the game.

This kid Marquez North. Shoot. He had some big grabs! We are a sucker here for one-handed grabs. You know that. We know that. Your father knows that. But this one?! LEGENDARY.

Luck probably had something to do with it. Yeah – and Johnny Football is sticking around for 4 years of school.

The kid was covered. He was harassed.  Tennessee needed a prayer answered. And not only did North answer it, he held on to it! Helping setting up the upset win for the Men’s Vols over the Gamecocks. Unbelievable. You don’t see catches like that everyday. And that’s why today, it is our Legen-wait for it-dary play of the week.

“How did he make that catch?”


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