NFL Power Rankings, After Week 7


This week superstars were dropping faster than a futbol player flopping.  The Colts looked impressive, but move forward without their best WR, while the Packers lost yet another target for Aaron Rodgers.  Here’s how things stack up after the seventh week (A hint; there’s a new team perched on the top):

  1. CheifsKansas City Chiefs – From worst to first, the Chiefs are bringing life to Kansas City and making the fans at Arrowhead think there is a great possibility of a a Super Bowl run.  And why not?  They have a stifling defense and a premier game manager.  Even though they barely pulled it out against the Texans, all good teams still manage to win, which is exactly what they did.
  2. ColtsIndianapolis Colts – Trying to control my obvious bias here, but after knocking off the only team to hold the #1 spot in the power rankings, a jump up the rankings was inevitable.  From the get go, this team played near perfect.  And even when Peyton was on his way to completing a 4th quarter comeback that the fans in Lucas Oil are all too familiar with, the defense stepped up and got an interception and and forced a fumble to seal the victory.  Now Jim Irsay is free to go away for awhile.
  3. BroncosDenver Broncos – With Peyton behind center, this team will always be in a game.  The defense, however, is starting to become a real problem.  The return of Von Miller didn’t do enough and has one to wonder if this is going to be the same script that #18 is used to; amazing offense and regular season, while having a sub par defense and playoff run.
  4. SaintsNew Orleans Saints – With a bye this week, the Saints aren’t moving in these rankings.  Looking back now, they still haven’t beat a real playoff contender (sorry Bears), even though they should have beat the Patriots.  That’s why they play the game though and let’s just hope that Rob Ryan has recovered.  He took that last loss really tough.
  5. SeahawksSeattle Seahawks – If Russell Wilson has this team at 6-1 with his best target being a guy named Golden, just how much better can they get?  How about inserting Percy Harvin this week and we’ll wait and see.  Watch out NFC, this just got a lot more exciting.
  6. NinersSan Francisco 49ers – Jacksonville has to win at some point.  It won’t be this upcoming week though because Kaepernick and the boys are coming to town and after winning 4 straight, it won’t even be close.
  7. BengalsCincinnati Bengals – Winners of 3 straight and 5 of their last 6, the Bengals are showing they’re for real.  The state of the AFC North must have them feeling pretty good going forward.  Up next is a home game against the Jets, who may actually be, gulp, good.
  8. PatriotsNew England Patriots – The return of Gronk means the return of the real Tom Brady, right?  Not so fast!  The Jets came to town and won the game as time expired, although some would argue there was a controversial penalty that set up the field goal.  At least they still have the Red Sox in Boston.
  9. PackersGreen Bay Packers – The bye was just what the Packers needed.  Now winners of three straight this team is showing no signs of slowing down.  Even with injuries to Randall Cobb, James Jones, and now Jermichael Finley, as long as Aaron Rodgers is behind the line, he’ll get the job done.
  10. ChargersSan Diego Chargers – Choosing the tenth team is basically a toss up.  Do we go with the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets?  The Bears just lost their third game in the past 4 to the Redskins (Can I still use that term?) so that’s a no go.  The combined win-loss record of the teams the Cowboys have beaten is 8-19, don’t make me laugh.  The Lions’ best win if over the aforementioned Bears; again no. So congrats San Diego, you’re the best of the teams that still have no shot at a Super Bowl (Yes, I know they did beat the Colts. Don’t remind me).


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